The frame house or the house from the gas-block?

The frame house or the house from the gas-block?

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The houses built on the basis of framework or from gas-blocks have many the general positive characteristics. But there are such differences on the basis of which make the decision what to build the house in specific conditions and the region of construction.

For the private developer important that his future house was warm and durable. Today karkasnik and houses from gas-blocks are most popular. To make choice for one of them, it is necessary to understand what advantages each of these types of housing construction has.

Whether to build the house of gas-blocks?

Producers of this construction material focus attention of builders on several main advantages of these porous stones: - lightweight; - high speed of wall construction and overlappings; - pliability of the gas-block to processing: it is easily sawn, moves out and milled; - high heat-insulating properties which are provided by the stone honeycomb holding air; - fire safety of this construction material – its undoubted advantage before wooden buildings; - high sound-proof characteristics provide excellent shumopogloshchayemost of walls from the gas-block.

Practice has shown that houses quickly and easily are under construction of this material, but have one essential shortcoming which crosses out all its numerous advantages: hygroscopicity. Buildings from this stone so well absorb moisture from air that demand on the present of qualitative waterproofing of walls and overlappings. However, it is clear to each builder that completely it will not be possible to isolate blocks from environmental activity.

Features of frame houses

Principle of construction of these constructions following: at first wooden "skeleton" of the house which is carried out from bar with a section of 15/15 cm or 20/20 cm and eaves board of 5/20 cm or 4 / 15 cm is built. Then the framework covering is made by the OSB panels from 9 mm thick, cement and chip plates or moisture resistant plywood. In cavity which is formed between covering heater is put. Choice here rather big: mineral wool, sheet polyfoam, polyurethane foam, adobe, sawdust, etc. Advantages of frame houses following: - bystrovozvodimost; - excellent heat and sound insulation; - ecological security; - durability. Buildings from gas-blocks and karkasnik have several general positive characteristics: because of the lightweight they do not demand the powerful base, are inexpensive, are under construction quickly and can be built by one person without involvement of assistants. These buildings are comfortable for accommodation and are safe for human health. What their these types of housing construction to choose, solve proceeding from specific situation: how humid climate in the region of residence whether there are funds for the strengthened waterproofing and warming of the building from gas-blocks as underground waters highly approach the surface of the soil (it affects its humidity) whether there is time for pretreatment of all sawn timber anti-septic tank (requirement to frame houses) and other specific conditions of construction.

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