The hair dryer for linoleum welding: set of the equipment and methods of use

The hair dryer for linoleum welding: set of the equipment and methods of use

Such floor covering as linoleum already in a row is many decades in stunning demand in the market of construction materials. Soldering of seams of commercial linoleum in public places and on industrial facilities by means of the special thermohair dryer is one of reliable, modern and nowadays demanded mounting modes of this floor covering.

What represents the hair dryer for linoleum welding

Externally this device, of course, differs from household or construction "fellows". And all this because it is used not in household, and in the industrial purposes. Such thermohair dryer has the extended nozzle with small diameter which creates certain narrowly targeted and powerful stream of hot air.

The industrial use of this device is explained by high temperature of stream of hot air. If to use method of hot soldering of seams on household linoleum (for example, in the apartment), the floor covering will too strongly heat up that its decorative layer will put out of commission.

Types of hair dryers for soldering of seams of linoleum

Thermohair dryers for soldering of seams on linoleum differ on the action mechanism therefore are divided into several types:

  • manual;
  • semi-automatic;

Manual thermohair dryers for pasting of linoleum – convenient and easy. They are ideal for work in hard-to-reach spots and also for welding of seams of irregular shapes. Automatic versions of such hair dryers "are able" to level independently surfaces of seams after their hardening. Such models are ideal for large amount of works, however automatic thermohair dryers are strictly forbidden in rooms with the increased humidity.

Set of the equipment for the thermohair dryer

For full work on gluing together of seams on linoleum as one thermohair dryer not to manage. Here the whole set of the accompanying equipment is necessary. So, work requires the following array of instrumentation.

  • The hair dryer for soldering of seams on linoleum.
  • Special nozzle tip on the thermohair dryer.
  • Welding rod (cord) made of soft PVC. Such bar is necessary for filling of seam. In section he is both round, and triangular shape. To begin melting, the bar should be heated to temperature more than 300 S. Vybirat such bar (to select its chemical composition and fluidity) follows taking into account characteristics of specific commercial linoleum.
  • Cutter of V-shaped form for removal of facet from seams. By means of such cutter the preparation of seams for soldering is carried out. Is both normal, and roller. At the price the last option will cost much more expensive.
  • The cutting torch for linoleum. It is the crescent knife intended for finishing processing of seams. With its help it is possible to cut off excess fusing of polymer on seams.

Methods of use of the thermohair dryer for linoleum

Methods of use of this device depend on its look, model and price range. Three methods of use of the hair dryer for soldering of seams of linoleum depending on their technical characteristics are given below.

Method with use of the budgetary model of the thermohair dryer

Normal hot welding of seams of linoleum in the industrial room can be executed by means of the budgetary model of the manual thermohair dryer (with nozzle tip). Unlike household "fellow" who can cost 10 times more the manual professional thermohair dryer many times heats air to temperature of 100-650 wasps quicker.

Method with use of the manual thermohair dryer with the thermal sensor

Some manual types and models of thermohair dryers are equipped possibility of regulation of temperature by means of automatic thermal sensors. It allows the device to support constantly certain heating during operating time.

With the budgetary versions of hairdriers for soldering of seams of linoleum it will not work as in them there are no thermal sensors. In this case it is necessary to regulate "approximately" temperature, constantly changing distance between stream of hot air and floor covering.

Method with use of the automatic thermohair dryer

It is possible to use professional method of use of the hair dryer for pasting of seams. Then it is necessary to get semi-automatic or automatic model, for example, of the German brand. Such hair dryers are many times more powerful that allows the device to gain almost instantly temperature in 700 C and to work with thick welding rods (with a diameter up to 5 mm).

Technology of use of the hair dryer for linoleum welding

It is necessary to know and to understand accurately: gluing together of seams of linoleum by means of specialized thermohair dryers is hot mounting technique of floor covering. Such method is used only for laying of rigid and qualitative commercial types of the PVC of covering which are used in public places or on industrial facilities.

So, gluing together of seams on linoleum, as a rule, is carried out in rooms with big area therefore before work the floor covering needs to be fixed properly. Further all working process is carried out according to the following scheme.

  • At first the trench for laying to it soft cord from PVC (welding rod) is prepared. For this purpose on places of future joint it is necessary to cut off facet from linoleum. Manually it cannot be made almost, the special cutter of V-shaped form about which it has been mentioned above is necessary. As a result the groove of cone-shaped form has to turn out.
  • The nozzle tip equipped with nozzle is put on the thermohair dryer. Also on nozzle there has to be guide through which the hot welding rod appears. The nozzle cannot be touched as it strongly heats up.
  • Further melting of seams on linoleum is carried out. In the course of this work the hair dryer slowly moves ahead, and polymer gradually fills in advance prepared groove. It is necessary to watch closely polymer fusing as plastic can go beyond seam. If the polymeric layer becomes thinner, it is necessary to add temperature and to slow down thermohair dryer advance speed along seam.
  • As soon as the hair dryer has reached wall, there is interval in 35-40 cm. Manually to solder it without gap it will not turn out as the handle of the thermohair dryer will rest against wall. Exit from this situation following: the piece of welding rod is cut off to the place where it perfectly keeps, and the end of this bar is cut off obliquely for the subsequent joining to it new.
  • The scrap of welding rod is inserted into nozzle tip and soldered in groove from the opposite side, i.e. already from wall. As soon as the hair dryer has reached the sostykovochny place with other end of bar, it is necessary to manage to press this place until polymer has cooled down.
  • By means of crescent knife, surplus of polymer is removed.
  • In addition after removal of surplus of polymer it is possible to process corner the hair dryer with tip for tinning. In the people such nozzle have nicknamed "swan". With its help it is possible to melt and round off up to the end seam form after obrezchik.

So, hot welding by the hair dryer for pasting of seams on linoleum is not such and difficult process. The main thing here – availability of the corresponding tools and the equipment which cannot be mastered. Work as the thermohair dryer improves quality of laying of linoleum, excludes possibility of the ugly seams spoiling floor covering.

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