The instantaneous water heater on the crane – simplicity, convenience, reliability

The instantaneous water heater on the crane – simplicity, convenience, reliability

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The instantaneous water heater - one of options of fast solution, the hot water connected with absence. However upon purchase of the device it is worth studying attentively its operational parameters to choose the most suitable device.

Device of the instantaneous water heater

Heating of water in this device happens in small capacity by means of powerful, compact TENa (thermal electric heater); the device consumes electricity only during operating time, i.e., when passing water current. The main characteristic of the instantaneous water heater – the performance which is expressed in number of heated water per unit of time (normally it is liters a minute).

It is obvious that performance is directly connected with the initial temperature of the entering stream which can be ranging from +5 to +20os, and TENa power. Distinctive feature of the flowing device – instant heating of water. That to carry out it, the heater having big capacity will be required: in practice it is 3.5-7 kW. Standard construction of the device usually includes at least couple of handles: for adjustment of force of stream and for installation of the necessary temperature.

Utilization properties and features

According to energy consumption class the described devices subdivide into several classes, starting with 3.5 kW and finishing 7 kW. It makes sense to use the least powerful product when water in the crane has temperature not below +18os. Stronger water heaters can cope even with the coldest water current and therefore they can be used all the year round. The most important element of the water heater – TEN which can be made of steel or copper. The last option more preferable since steel is subject to corrosion. Role of protection is played by the pressure switch which will not allow to turn on TENu in the absence of water pressure. On the other hand, when overheating the signal on power outage is given by the thermal sensor. Normal functioning of the device at course of liquid is ensured by the channel relay. Almost all water heaters are equipped with the power switch allowing to set the required heating mode. One of features of the flowing device – low sensitivity to water quality, in particular, to the content of salts. Nevertheless nevertheless it is recommended to use the filter to prolong the term of operation of TENa and to exclude hit of foreign particles in the device. The instantaneous water heater belongs to devices with big power consumption therefore before purchase it is necessary to make sure that your wiring, the automatic machine (or traffic jams) conform to requirements and are capable to sustain not less than 25 amperes. If wiring is not calculated on such loading, then it is better to invite the expert who from input will make separate wiring and the socket.

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