The kitchen combined with the hall: pluses and minuses

The kitchen combined with the hall: pluses and minuses

On statistical data in kitchen of people carries out more than a half of the life. Here he has breakfast and has supper together with the family, welcomes guests, cooks various daily and festive dishes. For this reason this room has to be not only convenient and cozy, but also spacious. If in the house or the apartment of the space for kitchen it is not enough, it can be united with the hall or the living room.

Advantages of combination of kitchen with the hall

The beautiful kitchen combined with the hall - ideal option for the small apartment. Association of these rooms allows to expand visually space and to increase luminous sources in the uniform square, to simplify process of the organization of celebrations. Besides, the similar decision helps the hostess always with most "to be more dense than events" and not to lose conversation thread. Gives the chance to save money, for example, on acquisition of fireplace or the TV.

And two more unconditional advantages of the combined design of kitchen with the hall – opportunity to eat food behind full-fledged dining table which quite often lacks the place in normal "Khruschev's" kitchens. And opportunity to turn both rooms into certain similarity of studio.

Shortcomings of the kitchen combined with the hall

Besides advantages, unfortunately, the kitchen connected to the hall has several shortcomings. In particular it: 1. Smell from cooking. Very many hostesses who have decided to create interior kitchen hall have regretted later about it. And all because of the strong smells of food extending on all apartment. It is possible to avoid this problem by means of good, powerful, but quiet extract or well working system of the mechanical ventilation capable to bring air to the street. 2. Increased requirements to cleaning. One more lack of the kitchen connected to the hall is the disorder. Usually when cooking a lot of garbage is formed. Potatoes peel, onions peel, dirty jars from under mayonnaise or tomato sauce, packing from various products, crumb, etc. – all this "cuts" eye and spoils impression of skillfully created interior. To avoid similar, it is possible to resort to several in the way. It is so necessary to create the special system of storage (boxes, shelves, etc.), constantly to put things on the places, instead of normal furniture to use built in, and instead of sink from stainless steel – washing from artificial stone. 3. The sounds made by various household appliances. Rest in the living room in case of merging of the hall with kitchen together can be quite broken by noise of the microwave, fridge, dish washer and other household appliances. To avoid it, it is necessary to buy household appliances which work almost silently. Too there is a lot of shortcomings of combination of kitchen with the living room, but they can quite be avoided. Therefore pay the main attention to advantages of similar design and be not afraid to experiment!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team