The level lock - reliable protection of your house

The level lock - reliable protection of your house

Presently it is very difficult to be protected from malefactors. Especially in the summer when many go to dachas, leaving the apartments with property in the city. And here the level lock comes to the rescue.

The level lock is the most ancient invention. Even in the far 19th century its long story begins. Once British inventor has invented the detector which at application not of that key the lock was blocked automatically. Thus, criminals could not get into the house, and the owner knew of breaking attempt. To remove blocking, the special key which was got together with the level lock was necessary.

The level lock – modern protection of your house

Today the level lock is not interlocking system in breaking attempt at all. Only it differs in it from the predecessor. The mechanism consists of set of special plates in which there are cuts of the specific size. They unite together with the main element of bolt. When the key, each of suvald turns it becomes exclusive on the place. And then the lock opens only in case all plates fall into place. But if suddenly one of plates does not take the place, then the key does not move, and it is not possible to open door.

Level lock: what the design consists of

How to open such lock? Its design consists of big keyhole by means of which criminals can use master key. But the lock cannot be picked. Therefore it is very often possible to observe how swindlers completely crack bolt. If it is correct to use all applied instructions, then it will be easy to open the lock. To destroy key skvazhny, it is necessary to study it. There are special methods and schemes on which necessary points of the lock are noted. They are put to door, verified with the lock and already drill holes where it is necessary. If you have decided to buy such safe lock, then it is necessary to remember that even the most reliable and expensive mechanism does not guarantee you 100% of protection against malefactors. Therefore not to allow breaking, it is necessary to put not one lock, and at once several and different types.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team