The most widespread species of carnation

The most widespread species of carnation

The carnation is one-year, two-year-old, long-term. There are several types which begin to blossom in the first year after landing. The carnation does not demand special care, loves the sun, is frost-resistant flower. Depending on grade color month or all summer.

Carnation – long-term flower which for a long time will provide to personal plot unusual look. Grades differ in splendor, the amount of blossomings. More than 300 species of this plant, about hundred of them – garden forms are known. There are options which are ideal for decoration of lawns, flower beds.


In the wild nature meets on calcareous sites of Austria, Slovenia, in the northeast of Italy. Has purple-red flowers with delicate aroma. The name of carnation indicates optimum placement – the Alpine hills. If they are not supposed, then it is the best of all to plant it on eminences in places where there is no stagnation of water.


It is flower, unpretentious and resistant to frosts, which can be met on meadows and forest guns, coasts and at the foot of mountains in Europe and Asia. In height reaches 50 cm, forms magnificent bush with the florets collected in inflorescences. The carnation is white, pink and purple. Blossoming lasts about a month.

Thorny (iglolistny)

Meets on Rocks Urals and Western Siberia. Thin escapes form dense pillow, have 2-4 inflorescences of white coloring. Plants in itself quite rigid, sharp. Their leaves are similar to needles. In height of tack reaches 10-30 cm. Buds are formed to the middle of May, blossoming begins in the first half of June.


The name completely displays places of growth. The plant has numerous stalks which reach height to 50 cm. The lower leaves usually dry up even prior to blossoming. Inflorescences are single or pair, reddish-pink shade. It is one of grades which gives flowers in the first year. The field flower is photophilous, perfectly looks:

  • on the Alpine hills;
  • borders;

Very quickly expands, does not allow other plants grow fully.

Confetti Dip Red

Long-term grassy plant 10-15 cm high. Pleases with the small, but numerous florets from May to October. Color of inflorescences – dark red. Thanks to long blossoming it is applied in design of personal plot or giving. The plant with long escapes forms spherical bushes. This grade does not transfer stagnation of water.

The Turkish

It is subdivided into undersized and tall. The first group up to 20 cm high, the second – 80 cm. Inflorescences can be monophonic or motley. Lobes simple or terry, ciliate on edge. In spite of the fact that such carnation belongs to long-term, grow up it as two-year plant. Flowers perfectly grow in the sun, in the places protected from strong winds.

The Chinese

It is called sometimes by the "Shanghai sparks". Perfectly takes root in the open ground and on the balcony. Meets in collection practically of any flower grower. The Chinese carnation is provided by variety of flowers, does not demand special care. Grows at compact or sprawling bush which length reaches from 10 to 50 cm. Has direct, narrow leaves, the fringing of lobes has fringe or teeth.

Vienna and Prague

These are the dwarfish types reaching no more than 30 cm. On one bush gives from 30 to 50 fragrant, terry and simple flowers. Perfectly are suitable for registration of balconies. Shades are blue, white, pink, violet. This sectional look is used also for registration of bouquets.


Called so because of availability of gray raid on leaves and stalks. Forms dense dernik. Height of plants reaches 30 cm, flowers small, diameters to 1 cm. Usually have pink color and the jagged lobes. Under natural conditions grows in Europe. One of the few types which gives repeated blossoming at the end of summer. In suitable conditions breeds self-sowing.


Such carnation unpretentious, very bright and fragrant flower. Perfectly approaches any landscaping. For landing choose the solar and dry place as the plant not really loves moisture.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team