The original ideas for bar counter

The original ideas for bar counter

In usual understanding the bar counter is the main component of interior of any bar. The place where mix cocktails and conduct slow conversation, having conveniently got up on high bar stool. However the modern design dictates the rules, introducing bar counter in interiors of the inhabited apartment, thereby turning this element into the normal furniture performing function of table or wall. But, nevertheless, having even changed the functional features, the bar counter does not become normal table, and turns into original addition of interior and gives to the apartment identity.

Features of bar counter in the inhabited apartment

The bar counter in the apartment helps to pay attention to unique design, to emphasize refined taste of owners and to create the pleasant atmosphere. It should be noted that the kitchen equipped with bar counter very often does not need lunch zone any more. Behind bar counter so conveniently quickly to have a bite, having saved time. Besides, even in design of the apartment the bar counter keeps the functionality as usually contains set of useful additions in the form of fruit platters, folding shelves and other useful reyling where it is possible to place compactly and conveniently all bar stock. Generally the bar counter of the house is mass of advantages which help not only to create unique interior, but also to save living space, having compactly placed all necessary.

Most often in interiors two types of bar counters meet: the kitchens placed by certain "island" and combined with work table. Both, and in other option, the bar counter can serve as peculiar divider of kitchen space on separate zones in that that is very widely used for creation of original design of studio apartments.

It should be noted that today various materials are applied to production of bar counters: Chipboard, stone, plastic, tree and glass. Thanks to it the bar design can be entered in interior of the inhabited apartment easily. Kind of there was not, it is necessary to mention also about some inconveniences which this element of interior can create. First, the sufficient height of rack assumes use of special bar stools which can be inconvenient for elderly people and are dangerous to kids. Secondly – the bar counter is not intended for big family and is usually designed for only several people. And, nevertheless, the apartment where in kitchen there is bar counter, undoubtedly, looks more self-sufficient.

The main highlight of any bar counter – high table-top which expresses itself picturesque border and does the room more interesting and more functional.

Design ideas of registration of interior

First of all, the bar counter is the embodiment in interior of fashion trend of zone division of kitchen and the living room. Judge for yourself, the kitchen and the living room are kind of one room, but the bar counter very harmoniously separates it into zones. Agree, this role cannot do to normal kitchen table. If in the living room there is enough place, then the bar counter – the island which can become the center of the living room and the main highlight of interior very effectively looks. And still, the bar counter is mass of convenient shelves and niches where it is possible to store anything from fruit to collection of noble drinks and good economy of space, even over bar counter it is possible to place a lot of all necessary. If the bar counter is continuation of the kitchen headset, then over it it is possible to place extract. And if you have bar rack island, then above it is possible to locate comfortable suspended shelves for glasses and glasses. The original idea – bar counter with two table-tops where one table-top is at the level of normal dining table. By the way, such design – the ideal decision if in family there are little children who will want to have breakfast as adults too, sitting at bar counter. One more convenient combination – hybrid of table and bar counter which will look very successfully on border of the living room and kitchen. In spite of the fact that this option, as a rule, occupies slightly more spaces, thanks to original design and functionality such bar counter is designed for the bigger number of people. Thanks to wide choice of materials it is possible to find inexpensive option of bar counter which will conform to all your requirements in sale today. And still, it should be noted that it is possible to buy or make bar counter even for loggia today if you decide to turn this part of the apartment into zone of comfort and rest.

Pay attention, for creation of harmonious interior the bar stools are obliged to be combined not only with table-top and overall view of bar, but also with room interior.

Remember, even in the smallest kitchen it is possible to place bar counter, it is only necessary to do it along wall or window, choosing compact option without numerous shelves and additional reyling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team