The porch of wooden house - is beautiful and convenient

The porch of wooden house - is beautiful and convenient

The porch is attribute of wooden house which has to make good impressions. It not only frames entrance, but also emphasizes style of premises. Also the porch protects door from environmental activities and can sometimes act as the hall.

What can be porch of wooden house

In fact, the porch of wooden house is interlink between it and the street. For fans enjoy natural landscapes this attribute of premises can become the great protected platform. Of course, there are wooden houses and without it. But generally it is about old constructions. Now it would be difficult to find modern wooden house without convenient porch which emphasizes its beauty and esthetics.

In wooden house the porch can be closed or opened, big or absolutely small. Here everything depends on flavoring preferences of owners. However, the sizes of the house need also to be considered in the course of construction of porch. The small porch of very big construction will be a little ridiculous to look. Materials for its production can be various – brick, metal or tree. If desired it is possible to combine different elements. The main thing is to trace that everything looked harmoniously. At many modern houses in handrail there are shod elements at the expense of which they look very richly and elegantly.

It is considered that the porch of wooden house nevertheless has to be made of the same material. If to speak about design, now especially popular are Slavic and European type. Application of glued bar is characteristic of the last. And when choosing Slavic type it is necessary to use the qualitative rounded bar.

Nuances of construction of porch

Even before construction of porch of wooden house it will be required to lay rather strong foundation. The truth construction can be already old when there is desire to make porch. In such situation it is possible just to put special props. With their help it will turn out to avoid porch design distortion. Also it can be attached to the house by means of bars. It is good if steps of porch are cut down from wooden material - it is the most optimal variant as the house too wooden. Only wood surely should be processed antiseptics. Especially it is relevant if frequent precipitation is characteristic of the place of residence. As for floor, it should be put with insignificant bias. Then in case of heavy rain all water will flow down from porch, and not vice versa. At construction of porch of wooden house consider also that it is not just ornament, but also performs set of useful functions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team