The trudging rose - where and how to put

The trudging rose - where and how to put

The trudging roses — photophilous plants, it is better to land them on support and walls from the South or southwest side. The place has to be solar and well aired, for abundant blossoming preference should be given to the southern exposure.


Pletisty roses can be used for registration of gazebo, arch, fencing or wall of the building, the compositions created from groups of grades of climbers are especially effective. Bushes and trees can become their support, but not all of them approach for this purpose. The trudging rose grows very quickly therefore it is the best of all to choose large and high trees, for example, pine, apple-tree, rowan, larch, pear or broom. Does not follow will use as plant support with intensively developing roots located at the surface of the soil, they to create the strong competition.

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To plant the trudging rose, there is enough strip of the earth 50-60 cm wide. If the plant is grown up for dressing of wall or fencing, then it is landed at distance by not less than 45 cm from object which is going to be decorated.

In advance prepare holes of 50x50 cm if they dry, a day before landing them it is necessary it is abundant to water and bring manure, using not less than a half of bucket on each hole. For abundant blossoming after landing of rose cut off at distance 15-20 cm from earth surface.


The trudging roses well breed summer shanks. During the period from the middle of June until the beginning of August they are cut off from the blossoming or fading escapes. The top cut is done to straight lines, and lower - at an angle 45 °. Leaves from below delete, and the others cut off half. Shanks land in earth mix with sand or in clean sand, burying at 0.5-1 cm, from above cover them with film or glass jar. Watering is carried out, without removing film. Shanks of the trudging rose it is necessary pritenyat from the sun. As a rule, medicines for stimulation of growth do not use. However, if it is known that this grade badly takes roots, before landing do processing by water solution of heteroauxin, for this purpose take 0.5 tablets or 40-45 mg on 1 l of water. Tips of escapes submerge in solution for 12-15 hours.


The curling roses are content with insignificant leaving, them is rare, but is abundant water, cut and feed up. Deflowered branches should be deleted to stimulate blossoming. Watering is carried out once in 8-10 days then the soil around plant is mulched humus, grass, straw or sawdust. The cow manure brought when landing is enough for power supply of plant within the first two years, in the next years it is necessary to introduce organic and mineral fertilizers. During vegetation the trudging roses need 4-5 fertilizing, as a rule, for this purpose use flower mix or torfomineralno-nitrogenous structures.

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