The turned reddish branches on coniferous: 3 simple steps to fast restoration

The turned reddish branches on coniferous: 3 simple steps to fast restoration

Hvoyniki often look unattractively after winter. They can partially or even completely to burn in the sun. The turned reddish branches spoil exterior of plant therefore some gardeners hurry to cut off them or at all to root out modest copy and to put new on its place. You do not hurry to undertake shovel, especially you can always make it. Give "poor fellows" chance and try to reanimate them.

What to do with the turned reddish needles

For a start examine hvoynik and make sure that it is burn, but not the wrecker. If have seen green kidneys, the struck copy is not doomed. The plant will depart, however on it not one season and even not two will be required. This term can be reduced if competently to carry out resuscitation. But all the same we stock up with patience!

Of course, not to save the turned reddish hvoinka. They can be cut off accurately if they strongly spoil species of plant. Now the main task comes down to stimulation of growth of young escapes.

Resuscitation procedures: 3 important steps

Competent resuscitation will allow hvoynik to recover and acquire new needles quicker. You carry out it in three steps.

1. Fertilizing

At once after staivaniye of snow carry out fertilizing of the burned hvoynik by nitrogen fertilizers. It is desirable – organic. The mullein will be ideal. Part it in warm water in the ratio 1:10.

Part concentrate of mullein at the rate of 0.5 l on 10 l of warm water.

Under young hvoynik pour out about 5 l of solution, and under adult – is twice more. If to be greedy, then fertilizer can not reach roots.

In the absence of organic chemistry replace it with good old urea. Dissolve 1 tablespoons of fertilizer in 10 l of hot water. Pay attention that it has to be not boiled water, but hot water. Such that it was possible to keep hand in it. Otherwise you risk to burn roots of hvoynik.

One fertilizing is enough. If desired repetition is allowed 10 days later.

2. Mulching

Right after fertilizing to zamulchiruyta pristvolny circle. For this purpose peat, humus, bark will approach. It is possible to collect coniferous debris if nearby there is wood.

The hvoynik (mountain pine, the Cossack juniper) demanding the alkaline soil to zamulchiruyta gravel or crushed stone.

3. Spraying by stimulators

Process krone of hvoynik of times a week growth factors. "Ferovit" and "Epin-ekstra" will approach. Part them in dosage: 1 ampoule on 5 l of water. It is impossible to go to far in stimulators!

Alternate these medicines for efficiency of forthputting. During the season make not less than 8 sprayings. You carry out them to cloudy weather and at above-zero temperature.

It is possible to apply stimulators according to such scheme:

  • The 1st week – spraying on krone Epin, next day – watering at the roots "Zircon" (ampoule on water bucket);
  • The 2nd week – spraying on krone Immunotsitofity (tablet on 1 l of water;
  • The 3rd week – spraying on krone Ribavy (30 drops on 1 l of water).

Repeat this cycle before complete recovery of hvoynik. These measures will allow to restore plant quickly. Already in following season it will please you with the look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team