The washing machine constantly drains and fills in water: reasons

The washing machine constantly drains and fills in water: reasons

There is set of the reasons for which the washing machine constantly gathers and at the same time drains water. It can be the wrong connection, different blockages, violation of tightness of valves, breakage of the sensor of filling of water.

Wrong connection of the washing machine

What does the wrong connection of the washing machine consist in? If the draining hose at connection connects to siphon, but not to the sewerage, and pipes are not raised by 50-60 cm from floor height – it is wrong. At such connection, problems with draining and intake of water in the washing machine will begin. It will gather, then at once to merge and again to gather water, and these cycles will be repeated. At the repeating cycles of fence and water drain, the linen loaded into the washing machine will not be able to stretch because powder will practically go with the merging water to the sewerage at once. Besides, every time after the next intake of water, will join the pump, the machine will try to heat the arrived water again, and it will result in fast wear of the heater.

How to check correctness of connection of the washing machine? It is necessary to turn on the washing machine on the program of washing and to wait until the tank is filled with water. Then to install the program on draining and to trace water decrease. When water begins to decrease, it is necessary to put the program on pause and to note height of water in tank. Water should not be drained if water after all flows and at the same time murmurs - draining should be redone.

The inlet valve has failed

To check serviceability of the inlet valve, it is necessary to remove it from the washing machine, then to connect to filling hose and in turn to give tension 220B on each coil. If the working valve, it has to open, and then after power off densely to be closed. The stream needs to be sent to the container with water. If liquid continues to leak after power off - it means that the spring of rod has weakened or the membrane has lost flexibility. The faulty valve needs to be replaced. However all these operations cannot be performed independently - address the expert as to work with electric current - it is unsafe!

The sensor of height of water does not work

The sensor of height of water or the pressure switch serves for control of height of water in the washing machine. The relay controls three conditions of height of water in machines: on pressure of water column, on normal enclosed volume, on low level without water and high is modulation. One of the causes of failure of operation of the sensor – situation when in the machine the deposit which collects below and litters diameter of pressure head tube is formed, blocks entrance to the tank. Such hindrances as small hit of cleaning agents, deposit, the forming mold can create blocking of operation of the pressure switch. Locks and hoses have important impact on operation of the switch of the relay. They need to be checked for availability of blockages.

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