The washing machine which is built in under table-top

The washing machine which is built in under table-top

The irreplaceable assistant to any hostess – the washing machine thanks to which horrors of hand wash remained far back in the past. Now nothing threatens graceful manicure and gentle skin of hands. But, nevertheless, because of wide choice of washing machines now hostesses face other dilemma: what assistant to elect and how compactly and imperceptibly to place her in kitchen. In this case the most advantageous option is to choose the washing machine which is built in under table-top.

If you have decided that you need the built-in washing unit, then the reasons on it there can be at least two: or you have very small living space, and you are forced to save it. Or – with inhabited meters everything is all right, and you want to use it to the maximum and to create unique interior where there is no place for openly standing washing machine. However, whatever your motives were, it is necessary to know several features to make the correct decision.

There are two types of the built-in machines: those which need to be built in completely and they are which are just mounted under table-top. The main distinctive feature of the last is availability in upper part of the panel which if it is necessary, is easily dismantled and replaced with table-top. Pay attention, the washing machine mounted under table-top of kitchen has to be supplied with special metal cover which protects the hardware panel of the machine from hit of fat, moisture and dirt. If the special cover for any reasons is absent, then the free space between machine and table-top can be filled with any soft insulator, for example, foam rubber. The main advantage of the washing machines which are simply built in under table-top that if it is necessary, then they can be used and as separate units.

The same washing machines which are built in completely actually become part of complete kitchen. Distinctive feature of the built-in machines – availability on facade of special loops to which doors of complete kitchen fasten. Loops can be from any side of the machine, depending on design of furniture and from the customer's wishes. All other just the same, as well as at the washing machines mounted under table: from above there is table-top, from below – socle from the same material, as all kitchen. You should not make typical mistake of some buyers and to order the washing machine together with furniture. Choosing the machine separately, you get several advantages: more wide choice of models, the right for after-sales service at experts and confidence that your machine correctly is also qualitatively installed. Positive review, and even not one – will prompt what model will be able to satisfy all your inquiries therefore, in the course of decision-making, do not forget to monitor the Internet resources or just visit several specialized shops and get advice at professionals.

Pay the attention, machines which are completely built in under table-top, strictly fasten and therefore have much smaller sound effect. Besides, they vibrate less.

The high-quality built-in washing machine is those household appliances which will help you to save precious space, will save from weight tiresome and, apparently, unsolvable problems. Provided that your bathroom very small, kitchen – rather convenient location for placement of the washing machine. When choosing household appliances it is necessary to consider not only its dimensions, but also some technical parameters and characteristics which directly influence life cycle and working capacity. But, undoubtedly, ideal option in what the washing machine of the corresponding size also contains set of all necessary functions. In certain cases the size of the washing machine recedes into the background. Compact and narrow – the built-in washing machine can conform completely to your requirements thanks to expanded number of functions among which: possibility of the choice of efficiency of washing, quality of extraction and class of energy consumption. Except above-mentioned parameters it is worth paying attention to the number of programs of washing, type of management by machine and exterior of the display.

The important point is location of the washing machine. When choosing consider that the place has to be easily accessible, near electrical outlets, with possibility of draining and supply of tap water.

And do not forget to pay yet attention to the volume of drum and its admitted weight from what material the body of the washing machine is made. At the same time it is better to give preference to models where the tank is made of stainless steel or composite materials, which resistant to korroziya and other damages. One more pleasant trifle is timer which helps to program washing time therefore you will be able to receive fresh linen in convenient for you vremyachtoba to deal with all numerous indicators and parameters, it is the best of all to come into specialized shop or to ask the interesting question, having attended forum. Many hostesses who could already estimate convenience and silent operation of the built-in washing machines place emphasis on the system of protection against course which has to be in any built-in washing machine. It is important because the built-in washing machine is hidden by furniture from all directions. And in case even of the minimum, but regular course, you will not be able instantly to trace it. To moisture not to happen to the qualitative system of protection! Protection of system will help you not to think of that, you have blocked water supply after washing or not. Pay attention and to that fact that to buy the good washing machine and at the same time it is possible to save through online store.

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