Tomato ""Pink honey"": description, rules of cultivation

Tomato ""Pink honey"": description, rules of cultivation

The grade of tomatoes "Pink honey" is considered one of the most tasty. It is popular among gardeners thanks to large and fleshy fruits. Their gentle and sweet taste: is suitable both for salads, and for soups.

Conditions of growth of tomatoes "Pink honey"

The most effective soil for cultivation of tomatoes "Pink honey" that where grew bean, cabbage, garlic, carrots, onions, garden radish earlier. It is better to plant tomatoes in different places that they did not extend the same useful substances from the soil only every year. When landing you remember that this grade, as well as many others, is very exacting to heat. Therefore seeds sprout only at temperature +20-25os. If temperature falls below +15os, blossoming and formation of fruits can slow down.

Too strong heat "Pink honey" is also undesirable to tomatoes. So, at thermometer mark +35os there will be no pollination and therefore there will be no fruits also. If it is necessary to accelerate germination of seeds, apply special growth factors. They also create resistance to diseases and promote good ovary of fruits.


The grade "Pink honey" is drought-resistant. However it does not mean at all that it is possible to forget about watering. On average water adult bushes tomato 2 times a week. Norm of moisture for one plant: water bucket. Consider that the excess of moisture in the soil can ruin plant, cause gray decay or disease under the name black leg. If there is opportunity, plant seedling of tomatoes "Pink honey" in shadowing, so it will better grow. Under direct sunshine the bushes of tomatoes will be sickly, leaves on them will be a little. Such plants very quickly catch different sores and therefore need processing.


Fertilizing by fertilizers affects quantity of the ripening fruits and also their quality. In order that at tomatoes the green vegetative part expanded, use nitric and also organic fertilizers. You part chicken dung and cow manure with water in the ratio 1:20. Do not allow surplus of this type of fertilizers as excessive leaving in growth often reduces quality of harvest. Surely feed up tomatoes "Pink honey" potash and phosphoric fertilizers. From it fruits ripen quicker, and their taste becomes more pleasant.

Characteristics of tomato "Pink honey"

Fruits of tomatoes "Pink honey" very large, soft and fleshy. They have pink color. The form is usually rounded heart-shaped. The mass of fruits can reach 1500 grams: it is pretty quite good indicator for tomato. If on one brush several fruits are tied, their weight is normal less. According to the producer, tomato "Pink honey" can grow even on saline lands. Term of maturing of tomatoes: by the end of summer. In other words, this look does not belong to early ripening. Plant height quite often in length reaches 60-70 cm. If you grow up tomato "Pink honey" in the greenhouse, its height can be more than one meter.

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