Treelike peonies: landing, cultivation, problems

Treelike peonies: landing, cultivation, problems

The treelike peony is hybrid look. It has been created by the Chinese selectors. In the European countries the plant began to be grown up in the 18th century and it was appreciated by both professional flower growers, and fans.

Features of look

The treelike peony is deciduous bush of the Chinese selection. Its height varies from 1.5 to 2 m. In the fall stalks of plant do not wither, and every year become stronger. Over time the bush is extended, becomes spherical. At wood peonies very interesting form of leaves - openwork and plumose. Flowers are located on the ends of stalks and exhale pleasant smell. Their diameter is 10-20 cm. There is set of types of this plant. Flowers can be painted in pink, red, yellow shades. Also two-color grades meet. Coloring can have gradient. In this case it is possible to observe soft junction from one shade in another. The texture of buds can be smooth, terry or semi-terry. 

The treelike peony blossoms for 2 weeks before grassy and fades in 14-21 days. The period of blossoming falls on May and the first half of June. Bushes differ in resistance to cold weather. 

Landing of peony treelike

The peony treelike breeds seeds and backs layers. Cultivation of bushes from seeds - very long and laborious process borrowing several years therefore it is better to buy backs in specialized shops. The place for landing of peony has to be well lit. It is not desirable to place plant near the constructions creating dense shadow. The loamy soil is ideal for treelike peony. If soil sour, it is necessary to bring in it lime previously. 

The hole for landing has to be rather deep (70-80 cm). On bottom it is necessary to lay out drainage 20 cm high, then to add fertile soil. Sapling before landing it is necessary it is abundant to water that backs have finished. It is necessary to place it in hole so that the root neck was flush with surface. 

If it is necessary to plant several bushes at once, it is necessary to consider that the distance between them has to be not less than 1 m. Only at observance of this condition the correct growth of peony treelike is possible. Landing should be made in the fall. 

Care for treelike peony

Care for plant consists in periodic watering, scrap of escapes, application of fertilizers to the soil. In the first several weeks after jumping on the constant place it is possible to water peony every week. Further it is required to water it 1-2 times a month, but at the same time it is necessary to consider weather patterns and quantity of the dropping-out precipitation. Occasionally the soil around bushes is recommended to be loosened. 

The peony treelike very much loves nitrogen and potassium. Potash mineral fertilizers can be introduced at the beginning of the vegetative period, and phosphorus-potassium are appropriate since the gemmation period on plant. In the first several years after jumping of peony on the constant place it is recommended to apply extra root fertilizing. Fertilizers need to be dissolved in water and to spray with the received structure bushes. Adult plants can be fertilized by method of introduction of mineral additives at the roots during watering. These measures lead to the fact that the peony begins to grow intensively, is more abundant to blossom. 

In spite of the fact that the family of treelike peonies is considered cold-resistant, young bushes one winter better to cover with special material. Mulching of the soil also protects plant from cold. The high peony needs to be cut off in the early spring, giving it the form and deleting old escapes. In China there is tradition considerably to update pionovy bushes of times in 10 years, cutting off them at the roots. 

Peony diseases

The most widespread disease of treelike peony - gray decay. The fungal disease becomes more active when the soil is moistened excessively. Peonies badly transfer rainy summer and as a result of lack of the sun problems with their cultivation begin. On leaves and escapes in this case the gray raid appears. It is better to cut off and burn affected areas, and to spray plant with solution of copper vitriol. 

One more widespread disease - rust. Leaves at the same time become covered by brown spots, are twisted and dry up. To save peonies, nearby, it is better to remove all affected areas of plant and to process the remained escapes by potassium permanganate. Experienced gardeners advise to loosen the soil around bushes for the purpose of prevention of infection with rust. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team