Tulip tree: as this tree and where grows looks

Tulip tree: as this tree and where grows looks

Presently not so often krasivotsvetushchy trees and bushes, especially in the conditions of climate of the central strip of Russia meet. However, by right, some of the most beautiful in the world can call tulip tree.

As the tulip tree looks

The plant tulip tree represents treelike plant up to 50 m high. Flowers at it bright and large, in form remind tulip what it also has received such name for. In the wild nature the tulip tree, or magnolia, grows in warm and humid climate. It is widespread, as a rule, in Krasnodar, in North America, the countries of Republic of South Africa, Chile, Peru. Besides, he can be met on all Norwegian coast. The second, less known name of tulip tree – liriodendron (Latin liriodendron tulipifera).

The plant is deciduous. Until the tree has not reached maturity, its krone has the pyramidal form. However over time, it gains more spherical, oval shape. Leaves at it very wide, completely ischerchenny veins. As well as many species of magnolias, can have leaves both light - and dark green color. During the autumn period they get gold shade. Many fairy tales borrowed the description of this tree in the fantastic plots.

During blossoming the tree exhales the unusual cucumber aroma not so similar to aroma of tulip. Besides, on tree fruits which to full maturing scatter numerous seeds ripen. Trees, because of singularity of their morphology very seldom grow from seeds. The fact is that they keep ability to germination only during couple of days.

How to grow up tulip tree in house conditions

As it has been already told, cultivation of tulip tree from seeds rather labor-intensive process. However it is possible to grow up tree from the fairy tale of the house after all.

First of all, for landing use seeds which age does not exceed two days. For this reason it is better to buy seeds in specialized shop, but not on the Internet.

The tree – seeds and shanks breeds in two ways. The liriodendron prefers well lit sites therefore in shadow the plant most likely will not survive.

When landing it is necessary to use quality soil. The tulip tree will perfectly feel in damp, clay or sandy soil. At the same time it should be taken into account that the soil has to be well trained. It is better to use soil with neutral pH values, as a last resort subacidic. Ideal option will become rn environments 6-7.5.

In temperate climate the tulip tree is planted in the spring.

Landing of tulip tree

One more beautiful name of tulip tree – spatodeya, or the African tulip tree. Such names can quite often be met in the guides to its landing.

As for directly landing, it is necessary to begin with the soil. As it was already told, spatodeya prefers the enriched soils with the neutral environment. If substrate is too exhausted, it needs to be fertilized humus or compost. The hole for future landing is dug out in 5-7 days. After that add compost and complex mineral fertilizers. The bottom of hole is drained.

Before landing the sapling is placed in water for 3.5 hours. After that it is placed in hole. The soil is accurately condensed that there is no air chamber left. Then the sapling is watered with not less than 10 liters of water, and the soil is mulgirut around. It is possible to make it by means of mowed grass. It should be noted that it is necessary to plant saplings at distance not less than 5 m as one plant can strongly expand and another will just die in its shadow.

Where there is wonderful tree from the fairy tale

What to do if there is a strong wish to meet fine tree in person, and the price for tickets to Peru, or Chile is incommensurably high? We will open for you secret. It is possible to find tulip tree even in Moscow area, it is just necessary to know where to look for.

Settlement of Vorzel, tulip tree

The tulip tree well-known for beauty can be met in the settlement of Vorzel, Kiev region. It by right is considered one of the largest in Ukraine. Height of tree is 30 m, and diameter of trunk – more than 1 m.

Exact address of fine plant: settlement of Vorzel, Krasnoarmeyskaya St. 13.

Tulip tree in Golovinka

Golovinka – the settlement of Krasnodar Krai where in the conditions of warm southern climate one more tree of surprising beauty grows. It is very difficult to call tulip tree in Golovinka vulnerable and brittle. Height is it 35 m, and diameter of trunk – 2.5 m. It is very difficult to clasp it even to 8 people. According to scientists, to tulip tree in the settlement of Golovinka more than 240 years.

To find fine tree in Sochi, namely in the settlement of Golovinka, it is possible on Lineynaya Street where it became the protected natural monument long ago.

In honor of this tree the guest house "At tulip tree" where it is possible has opened without leaving number to see as blossoms spatodeya.

Dream book tulip tree

Not less importance is attached to tulip tree and in more mysterious areas. First of all our dreams and fortune-telling belong to it. You are thoughtless to dream about tulip tree, so that, but all events will lead to fulfillment of desires, to rest and satisfaction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team