Types of door locks

Types of door locks

To protect the room from unexpected guests, it is not enough to establish good door. It is necessary to take care still and of the door lock. The benefit that them at the modern market there is great variety – for any rooms and different degree of protection.

Door locks by this criterion are divided into locking and locking-fixing. Their difference consists in the special latch fixing door which is called falevy latch. If only the locking device has the first appearance of locks, then the second is in addition supplied with such fixing latch which cleans up when pressing the door handle.

Padlocks. As they can be opened quite easily, they are not used for protection of premises. As a rule, they are established on external doors of sheds or garage gate.

Consignment notes. Such locks by key only on the one hand are locked, and from within they provide safety chain or revolving object. Thanks to ease of assembling in timber doors and rugged construction they are used and today.

Lack of such locks is deterioration in exterior of door.

Cut-in. This type of locks crashes in door that significantly weakens it in tie-in location. It is much more difficult to mount them that increases risk of low-quality installation. Nevertheless box locks it is much more convenient in operation and look more esthetically.

Suvalnye, or as they are called still, safe locks, consist of the code plates located in lock housing. From one or both sides of the lock there are dot dents or cuttings. Keys from such mechanisms are made in the form of tube with the acting grooves. In comparison with other types of locks, suvalny are less resistant to opening, however it is rather easy to get foreign subject from them. Cylinder (English) locks. The principle of forming of cylinders at certain height is their cornerstone. If at least one of heights does not coincide – the lock will not be open. The bigger quantity of cylinder elements has the lock, the it will be more difficult to crack it. The privacy of this mechanism also depends on arrangement of heights. The weakest point of such lock is the cylinder which can be drilled or beaten out.

The foreign subject which has got to such lock cannot almost be removed.

Disk locks. Such devices by the principle of cylinder locks work, only instead of pins set of disks is used. They are resistant to influence of moisture, dust and low temperatures, differ in high privacy and reliability. But at the same time nevertheless demand special protection against cutting of part of the lock. Biometric locks are the electronic device based on the principle of reading of biometric data. The papillary pattern on fingertips, as a rule, acts as the last. Such locks cost quite much, but at the same time they possess reliability large-scale.

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