Types of eaves for curtains

Types of eaves for curtains

How windows are issued, the completeness of interior in many respects depends. And very important not only to pick up suitable curtains, but also to choose the eaves corresponding to them. They differ on way of fastening, on materials of which are made and also in form, the sizes and many other parameters.

Types of eaves by quantity of cloths

Depending on room interior the type of curtains can be various: multilayered and single, with lambrequins and ruches or simple blinds. Respectively and eaves are necessary on one, two or even three cloths. Unary will be suitable for Roman, rolled, accordion pleats, blinds and markizok. Double it will be required if it is necessary to hang up classical, with traditional tulle.

Instead of double eaves it is possible to fix two unary in parallel.

And if you have seen on photo magnificent curtains with lambrequin and have decided to stop on this option, such curtain demands threefold eaves.

Management of curtains on eaves

It is very important how you will close and move apart curtains. If they fasten on rings, clips or hooks, then they can be moved by means of special cane. However today on sale eaves with switches and remote controllers are provided. By means of these devices it is possible to manage the movement of curtains. To prefer old option or to stop on modern – to solve to you.

Materials of eaves

Usually eaves are made of metal, plastic or tree. The strongest, of course, from metal. Such usually take under heavy curtains with eyelets. The metal eaves without problems will hold even the most massive curtains. The most prestigious and expensive option – shod eaves. Wooden eaves too quite strong, they well look in classical interiors and enough heavy curtains can sustain weight. Color of such eaves can be selected to tone of furniture, doors, frames and parquet. Eaves from plastic are less strong, but is cheaper. They are various on color gamma therefore they are often used in nurseries and kitchens. There are also combined eaves which are executed from tree and metal or from metal and plastic. It is good economic option: it is possible to put such eaves in all rooms, they will be peculiar interlink of interior. It would seem, under high ceiling it is difficult to see difference in materials. But you will not confuse beautiful shod eaves with anything - it will become bright decorative accent, will draw additional attention to your curtains.

Ways of fastening of different types of eaves

On fastening the eaves are divided into two big groups: ceiling and wall. The first, respectively, fasten to ceiling. The second – to wall.

Eaves can also be divided into functional and decorative. Functional serve only for performance of the main task. Decorative also decorate interior.

The ceiling option wins the increasing popularity as allows to expand room space, having visually increased wall. The wall eaves are more traditional and look often more richly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team