Types of folding sofas

Types of folding sofas

Choice of good sofa business difficult. In it both the convenience, and practicality, and design has to be combined. And if it is about folding sofa, it is important to pay attention to the convenient mechanism of transformation.

Difficult choice

All folding sofas are classified by the form transformations or, in other words, by the unfolding mechanism. The mechanism of unfolding of sofas affects also their design, and convenience of berth. And the most important, depending on the mechanism of unfolding pays off how many places will be taken by sofa in the spread-out look. Therefore before going to furniture salon or to make the order in online store, measure tape measure how many the place in the room you can allocate under sofa, and how many will remain ahead of it and at the edges. Consider that not at all models the back closely adjoins to wall. And some models when unfolding from wall should be removed.

 Depending on the received results, you can already choose type of unfolding of sofa. Surely consider how often you will use berth: daily or in the guest mode. Depending on it the optimum berth will be chosen - with the orthopedic basis or without it. What loading the sofa has to sustain: the family with children or the lonely person will use it. Whether the built-in place is necessary for storage of linen in sofa? Usually sofas with the lower shelf for storage are slightly higher than standard. If in the house there are animals, upholstery fabric of sofa has to be resistant to mechanical damages, for example, if the cat sharpens claws, and it is easy to be cleaned from wool. Only after specification of all nuances of operation it is possible to begin the choice of sofa.

Sliding sofas

By the form the folding mechanism all sofas are divided into folding, pull-out and developed. Each look is divided into separate categories. Let's begin with sliding sofas. Sliding sofas share on: "pull-out", "eurobook", "dolphin", "конрад", "pantograph".

The eurobook mechanism has pull-out part which is pushed forward on rollers, and the sofa back keeps within the formed niche. The berth turns out rather big, there is compartment for storage of linen. But sometimes parts of sofa are very heavy and it is difficult to sort them daily. "Pull-out" sofas take many place as they consist of three parts. The first part directly sitting of sofa and back, two-piece. When pulling pull-out part, the back of sofa falls in vacant place. Three sections turn out. Such sofa is convenient that berth rather long, and the sofa in folded form does not take a lot of place.

Sofas with the dolphin mechanism very compact in folded form. In order that to spread out sofa, it is necessary to pull for loop in the lower section and to nominate her. Such mechanism can often be met in angular sofas. And in such models there is even linen box which is in side part. It is possible to refer some inconvenience of berth which is separated by parts of sofa to minuses of such transformation. It is more guest option not for every day.

The pantograph mechanism has no sliding system on rollers. Sitting of sofa needs most to be lifted up and to put forward, and in vacant place to lower back. Plus of "pantograph" it is possible to call safely lack of rollers which at frequent use spoil floor covering (scratch laminate and parquet). Such lifting gear has the big area of sitting and is very silent when unfolding.

The sofa with the konrad mechanism hides additional sections under sitting. To roll out sections, it is necessary to pull for loop. Sections move forward one by one by the principle of the telescope. Such sofa very high in comparison with analogs. But the konrad mechanism is considered reliable, and such furniture will serve long. Though the prices of such sofas are higher than similar.

Folding sofas

One more popular category – folding sofas. Already from the name it is clear that the mechanism in such furniture is transformed by unfolding of back and berth. Folding sofas are divided into the following categories: "book", "tango", "elf".

 The most popular mechanism of folding sofas – "book". Really, such sofa when unfolding really reminds the opened book. In order that to turn sofa into bed, sitting is lifted so that the back has fallen, and then sharply lower it after click. The big spacious berth turns out. It is possible to raise or popustit sidewalls. "Book" rather popular mechanism as such couches of the small size, are displayed easily and without efforts and are rather reliable. It is possible to carry only esthetic impression to minuses – the back of sofa goes slightly under inclination and furniture cannot be put closely to wall. It should be considered upon purchase.

Sofas of "tango" differ from "book" only in the shouting name. And transformation essence same. Only in "tango" it is possible to regulate the provision of back on depth whereas in "book" it is static. In "tango" also the back not closely adjoins to wall and there is box for storage.

The last look in category of folding sofas – "elf". He has received such name really because of the small size. Sofas with the unfolding mechanism "elf" small, at most two-place, and the berth also in general is designed for one person. And all because in such sofas only side armrests in length are displayed. Their height can be regulated, adjusting head restraint. It is optimal variant for small kitchens when one more sleeping guest place or is necessary for the children's room, but too only as extra space.

The developed sofas

Mechanisms belong to types of the developed sofas: "French folding bed", "American folding bed", "accordion", Spartak.

"The French folding bed" takes multistage berth – three parts to decompose which it is necessary to pull for edge. And "seat mats" will be unrolled one by one. Such mechanism is simple in use, berth equal and small. But here life cycle of such folding bed small is also not calculated on daily use. Sofas with "the French folding bed" are often used in hotels as extra space.

"The American folding bed" analog of the European brother (sometimes it is called "седафлекс"). Here only parts at sitting two and they are also developed when unfolding. At the same time the mattress at sofa is thicker, so more conveniently. But the box for linen is not provided in such models.

"Accordion" - the longest model of sofa. It is extended up and forward, and the back falls and becomes berth. The put-forward design rests on special legs. It is possible to call this mechanism and "pull-out" as the lower part with legs moves forward. Respectively the bulkiness of design and scratching of floor covering belong to minuses of "accordion". And to pluses – long life cycle even at daily use.

Furniture with the folding mechanism Spartak is intended for daily use too. And sofa berth orthopedic on metal welded framework. In Spartak the principle of folding bed is used: it is necessary to pull for edge of sofa that all three parts have decayed. But at the same time the back of sofa will remain on the place and it will not develop. But the laundry basket in such option is absent.   

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team