Types of ladders for the house

Types of ladders for the house

For the two-storeyed house or cottage it is very important to pick up correctly ladder for lifting up, it has to be both convenient, and functional, and rather strong. In order that the ladder has organically fitted into design of country house, it should be chosen at setting-out a building stage, or reconstruction. The ladder has to correspond precisely to type of apertures and interfloor overlappings.

Now many civil engineering firms are ready to provide to the buyer wide choice of ready ladders for the building with any architecture and planning. It is also possible to buy separate segments and to collect their houses independently. At last, if you wish to receive ladder in individual parameters, or unusual configuration, it is possible to make it to order, the benefit in the companies providing similar services of shortcoming is not present. But in order that the product precisely answered your expectations, it is necessary to consider such parameters as the house height, the number of floors, space which will be occupied by this design.

Ladders generally are divided into one and two-mid-flight and also direct and rotary.

Straight one-mid-flight and two-mid-flight staircases

March is called continuous number of steps. One-mid-flight straight staircases the simplest in production and convenient in operation. They are put, as a rule, in houses where height of ceilings small, and is a lot of the place for installation of ladder.

However, if steps more than ten, it is rather heavy and inconvenient to climb such ladder. In this case, it is divided into two parts with intermediate site between them. These ladders are called two-mid-flight.

There are ladders which consist of the bigger number of marches, they are called multimid-flight and are used most often in multy-storey buildings.

Two and multimid-flight ladders most often are made of concrete and metal to provide sufficient reliability of design.

Rotary ladders

Advantage of rotary ladders is in what with identical height of stair wells, they occupy much less the place. It is possible refer some difficulties in operation to shortcomings, for example, on them can be rather heavy to lift large-size objects on the second floor, they are also less safe for children and elderly people. Ladders of curved form most often establish along two walls, sometimes under them use space for the storeroom. For economy of the place the intermediate site in such design sometimes is replaced with zabezhny steps. Zabezhnymi are called steps which inner edge much already external that is very convenient for turns.

For safety of the rising person the narrowest edge of zabezhny ladder should not be already ten centimeters.

Zabezhny ladders, as a rule, are metal, and only occasionally – wooden. The design made only of some wheeling steps is called screw. Though spiral staircases almost do not occupy space and are the easiest on weight, they can be extremely inconvenient in operation therefore they are applied only in small dachas, or in addition to the main ladder.

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