Types of paving slabs

Types of paving slabs

Paving slabs - excellent material for paving of streets, sidewalks, squares. Advantages of tile are that it is durable, strong, maintains effect of aggressive chemicals and big temperature drops.

The paving slabs can be made from various materials. Of course, the main raw materials for its production - concrete, from it turn out strong and cheap tile, however, not especially attractive externally. More expensive tile can be made of ceramic materials, different types of stones, granite.

The tile is made on two main technologies - vibropressing and vibrocasting.

The advantage of paving slabs is environmental friendliness: plants under it can quietly live.

The vibropressed tile

When vibropressing, concrete is placed in compression mold which is exposed to strong vibration in vibrating press. As a result receive very strong concrete paving slabs. Such tile pave sidewalks. In some European cities it is used even on traffic area, but in this case take special small tile as set of small surfaces maintain loading better, than one big. The vibropressed tile looks a little rough and rough, sometimes it is done color, but it nevertheless is not suitable for the decorative purposes, its assignment is to give to residents of the cities convenient surface for movement.

Vibrocast tile

The vibrocast tile is made of special plastic masses by casting in vibroforms. Such tile has much smaller durability and does not maintain heavy load therefore it is applied only in private construction, for example, to country paths. For hardening of vibrocast tile the reinforcing fibers can be added to its structure.

Granite paving slabs

The strongest is the granite tile, it is capable to perform the functions within 300 years. It is received, processing cobble-stones of natural stone. At the same time granite stone blocks looks very nobly, on the decorative properties it exceeds vibrocast tile. Granite stone blocks is usually used for the central city squares, significant places of the city, also various institutions and shops before the entrance can use it to emphasize elitism of the place. The price of granite tile is high, but it pays off its durability.

The granite tile provides the best drainage in comparison with concrete.

Tile form

Now in the market it is possible to buy tile practically of any form. The most widespread - rectangular tile, its laying is made more simply and quicker therefore the tile of such form is massively used for paving of streets and sidewalks. The figured tile allows to create the drawing on the sidewalk. Usually prices for laying of such tile are higher, more skilled masters are required.

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