Types of siding for country house

Types of siding for country house

The siding is the available, practical and not too expensive material suitable for finishing of dachas and cottages. It well protects from adverse effects of the environment and gives to the house accurate look. On sale there are different options of siding allowing to issue the building in the necessary style and color.

Siding: what it happens

Siding call the facing front panels which are used for finishing of industrial facilities and residential units. Material has appeared in the market no more than 50 years ago, originally it was used in the USA and Canada as front covering for country cottages.

The first samples were made of metal or vinyl, textures and coloring did not differ in variety. But over time the color palette has extended, today it is possible to find options in sale for every taste. Also the texture has changed. Except standard lining the producers offer the fashionable options imitating log, brick, natural stone. Today the siding is done of tree, metal or polymers, and the last option meets most often. Material is used for finishing of the new and already built houses, it well masks old walls and protects them from moisture, the hot sun and other negative impacts.

Plastic panels: advantages and shortcomings

The vinyl and acrylic siding gets into the most extensive group of facing materials. It resembles the long pro-thinned-out strips in the form of block house, fir-tree or ship boards superficially. In basic palette of 12 flowers. The plastic siding is released by many domestic and foreign companies, but upon purchase it should be taken into account that products of different producers can not be combined among themselves. Therefore for finishing of the house buy lot of one article with some stock.

Among pluses of acrylic and vinyl siding:

  • low price;
  • convenience of mounting;
  • ecological and fire security;
  • beautiful exterior;

Material does not need frequent tincturing, it is not subject to corrosion, does not fade and does not burst. Panels do not attract rodents and do not become nutrient medium for development of fungus. Vinyl and acrylic quietly transfer temperature drops, continuous influence of the sun, the increased humidity.

The most economic option – vinyl strips with smooth surface. The siding imitating natural wood is more expensive. Facing options of bright tones contain the special additives preventing fading therefore the price is higher than them, than at light siding. Acrylic belongs to more expensive materials, it much stronger also serves longer.

Material has some shortcomings. The cheapest plastic lining can suffer at mechanical influence or hard frost, but the improved and more expensive options from acrylic and vinyl are deprived of these shortcomings.

Metal siding: strong and reliable

Metal siding most often becomes on the basis of aluminum. Also wainscots from zinc meet, but they cost much and are not in special demand. Recently there was steel siding and at once has won popularity thanks to high strength and durability. Panels have locks for stitches and edge for nails that significantly facilitates assembly.

All types of metal coverings well transfer temperature drops, are fireproof, durable, corrosion resistant. Facing works can be carried out at all seasons of the year, panels do not burst and do not break. Among the main minuses the high price, rather big weight strengthening foundation load. At coating damage the siding can rust, the damaged panel should be changed.

Wood and polymeric composite: well and eco-friendly

Panels are made of mix of the crushed wood, polymeric additives, anti-septic tanks, dyes. Modern and not too expensive material is suitable not only for external, but also for internal works. The siding from DPK is shock-resistant, elastic, is not subject to temperature differences. It does not fade in the sun, does not absorb moisture and is not surprised wreckers. Has good warm and sound-proof properties.

Additional benefit of material – the attractive exterior imitating natural boards or logs. The siding from DPK easy, is suitable for finishing of small buildings like summer kitchens or garden gazebos.

Fibrotsemenent: new word in the market of siding

The good decision for country house – front covering from mix of wood fibers, cement, mineral additives, sand and water. Is issued in the form of long narrow panels, smooth or textured. It is possible to install them on wood furring or plywood covering.

The Fibrotsementny siding differs in durability, fire resistivity, convenience of assembly. It is simple to look after panels, at pollution they are washed with normal water from hose. As necessary fibrotsementny facing can be painted with acrylic or water-based polyurethane paint. Lack of this type of siding – the increased rigidity, it is possible to cut panels only circular saw with diamond disk. If there are no skills of work with such tool, has drunk better to charge to professionals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team