Unique design of garden on the basis of arches and the covered avenues

Unique design of garden on the basis of arches and the covered avenues

Its breakdown on the isolated zones by means of avenues and arches allows to give severe and complete looking of all homestead territory. These elements of landscape construction will decorate your garden, will give it special charm and grace.


1. Durability and firmness of materials for atmospheric fluctuations have to become the main criteria when planning the device of arches in your garden. Arch parameters, configuration and coloring are not less important – they have to be pleasing to the eye all the year round, even in the absence of green vegetation. Picturesque and clear tone as well as possible will be suitable for the winter and spring period.

2. Metal arches are considered as the most durable. But also wood structures enjoy invariable popularity. The firwood processed by special protective equipment from insects and moisture is generally applied to their construction.

3. After arches are established, decorate them with one and perennial plants, creating unique flower compositions, the main for which different curling types of lianas can serve. Originally the combination of clematis and rose, hop and honeysuckle, grapes and wistaria looks.

4. To not less esthetic, but more practical component of decor for big sites it is possible to consider the avenue. It is possible to equip it having connected by metal or wooden cross-pieces of several close standing arches. The avenue will create shadow on footpaths of garden and in case of use for its registration of saplings of grapes, will be able to please owners with quite good harvest of berries.

5. It is easy to build framework for the avenue also from improvised materials, it is enough to establish wooden or metal racks to 2 meters in height. On top they are connected by handles on which the strong kapron twine or wire stretches.

6. It is desirable to plant trees and shrubs in framework silnorosly grades of grapes: "Black winter-hardy", "Violet early", "Brown muscat", "Moscow steady", Korinka, "Delight". The similar green avenue becomes nice path in gazebo or to the dwelling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team