Unpretentious flowers for garden

Unpretentious flowers for garden

Choosing flowers for garden and kitchen garden, it is impossible to do without the blossoming annual plants which will allow to create flower beds of continuous blossoming without special work. There is set of design decisions for creation of flower beds at the dacha by the hands.

It almost is necessary to meet in any garden kitchen garden flower bed, at least the simplest. The blossoming plants are capable to give individual style to the seasonal dacha and to completely change garden

For the beginning gardeners – the unpretentious blossoming annual plants

If owners of the seasonal dacha – very busy persons are also not able to afford daily care after flowers, have no sufficient experience, they should pay attention to unpretentious flowers annual plants which with ease will take out long drought and abundant rains, the poor soil and light opacity. Many annual plants which blossom continuously from early spring to late fall belong to such plants, giving elegant look to the site and providing festive mood to the owners who are periodically coming to the site. 

The blossoming annual plants

  • the marigold rejected or upright;
  • annual phloxes;
  • lion's pharynx;
  • calendula;
  • violets;
  • asters;
  • nasturtium and many other unpretentious flowers.

Beds and flower beds the hands – it is simple

It is possible to land them on bed or in flower bed in front of the house, together with spring bulbous flowers that they decorated these sites after narcissuses and tulips prosper, beautiful unpretentious flower beds of continuous blossoming thereby will turn out. Well jobs with undersized annual plants along garden paths look. It is possible to create composition from them in the form of big group among lawn, in the form of border for flower bed at wall of the house or in rock garden. In each garden, kitchen garden the flower bed will emphasize specific features of the site and to show art taste of the hostess.

In the majority these plants are quite exacting by sunlight therefore it is necessary to choose for them well lit sites covered from strong norths. Also they need periodic fertilizing by mineral fertilizers. At such simple leaving it is possible to receive without special work flower beds of continuous blossoming which will please owners of garden kitchen garden all season – from early spring to late fall.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team