Useful tips for those who warm the house polyfoam

Useful tips for those who warm the house polyfoam

When performing thermal insulation of residential buildings quite often use polyfoam. Warming process usually does not cause difficulties, but those who has small construction skills should face set of unclear situations. Studying materials on subject helps to clear some nuances of processes.

To execute premises thermal insulation, thickness of polyfoam has to be from 50 mm. For roofs use plates with thickness more, than 70 mm. Polyfoam density for warming is selected at least 25 kg/m3. Where doors, windows, socle are located, more dowels will be required, than at covering of walls. It is necessary to have them not closer, than 20 cm from edge of plate.

Warming of corners

When performing heat-insulating actions special attention should be paid to processing of angles of construction. Best of all in the course of surface preparation under finishing to carry out reinforcing what the special grid with corner is applied to. It is attached on glue and accurately pressed to jamb by means of the angular palette.

For installation of grid carry out the next events. The grid with cells of 3-5 mm is cut out on strips with the necessary width. Apply glue for reinforcing on wall surface - its quantity has to be such that weight did not fall off surface and at the same time in it it would be possible to drown grid. When the grid is strengthened, by means of the palette it should be leveled carefully, and surplus of glue - to remove. When drawing thick layer its cracking can begin.

After the first glue layer dries, it is possible to put the second. Then wait for three days until it well hardens. The received layer is processed primer, plastered then it is possible to carry out coloring. The special painting mix is for this purpose applied to facades.

Mounting of fixing umbrellas on polyfoam

To execute fastening on polyfoam of plastic dowels - "umbrellas", openings for them are preparing previously. Drill drill in polyfoam and wall of opening of the necessary depth. Insert plastic "umbrella" into them and add strut.

Heater reinforcing

Instead of primer and puttying sometimes carry out polyfoam reinforcing. Process consists in drawing protective layer on surface of walls. After fixing of plates of polyfoam on walls the reinforcing is carried out by grid and the special front strengthening mix. Upon termination of process the strong monolithic layer which will not burst and exfoliate will turn out, will not allow to collapse to the warming material.

Councils for improvement of properties of facing

When performing facing it is necessary to consider some nuances:

1.       Try to designate in advance sites where communications are laid. It will help not to allow their damages at fixture on dowel.

2.       You should not fix all elements closely. When changing seasons because of material expansions it can bring problems, the heat insulation will be broken.

3.       Warming cottage, it is not necessary to carry out joints at borders of different materials. For example, at connection of tree and brick on this site carry out the shift 10 cm wide or more. Otherwise thermal insulation will be defective.

When the wall covering is ended, it is possible to start its finishing. Materials for this purpose can be chosen any, as capable to provide coupling with surface. For example, convenient option plaster for carrying out "wet" finishing is considered. It will not involve special financial costs, there will be no difficulties also during the work. Polyfoam is not required to be processed previously before drawing on its surface of plaster.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team