Variety of kitchen table-tops

Variety of kitchen table-tops

On kitchen table-top usually there are main processes connected with cooking. The table-top is addition of interior design of kitchen. Usually thickness of kitchen table-top of 2-6 cm. Today their choice is huge, but the main thing that material was durable and strong.


1. Kitchen table-tops from DSPONI are resistant to moisture, mechanical influence, very strong, and all thanks to special impregnation. But there is also essential minus - artificiality of material.

2. Kitchen table-tops from MDFESLI at you the kitchen is made of MDF, and it is better to choose table-top from this material. Usually such table-top is in addition covered with plastic. Material rather strong, but not especially moisture resistant, over time it will deteriorate. From similar materials it is possible to buy kitchen table-tops from plastic, their main advantage - low price.

3. Kitchen table-tops from plitkisegodnya such option is very popular. It is easy to wash ceramics, she is not afraid of household chemicals, is resistant to high temperatures. Ceramic tile - economic material.

4. Kitchen table-tops from nerzhaveykismotritsya they remarkably. Such table-tops differ in the increased durability, the smooth surface helps to add visually space to small kitchen.

5. Kitchen table-tops from derevaon differs in naturalness of the used materials, it can be combined with different artificial materials. The shortcoming - is required certain thorough leaving.

6. Kitchen table-tops from kamnyaeto the most expensive option. Such table-tops are in huge demand stone - it is the strongest natural material therefore the table-top from it cannot almost be spoiled. The most often kitchen table-tops make of granite.

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