Verandah from polycarbonate the hands

Verandah from polycarbonate the hands

The verandah from polycarbonate has to be mounted on the easy base which can have tape or column design. Further it is necessary to prepare and establish framework from tree or metal.

The verandah can be built also after construction of the house, the main thing that it was combined with the main construction. Perfectly in it has proved polycarbonate which not only is easily mounted, but also shows excellent utilization properties. When using polycarbonate as material for verandah it is necessary to equip the base, however it is possible to manage very light-weight construction of tape or column type.

Technology of arrangement of the base for verandah

The basis for verandah is recommended to be equipped in the trench prepared beforehand if it is supposed to mount continuous footing. In trench it is necessary to fill up layer of sand and crushed stone, having stamped water the received pillow. Further it is possible to start mounting of timbering which should be filled in later with concrete. In subfoundation it is necessary to strengthen design framework elements.

Features of construction of verandah

The framework of design can be made of channels and also corners, it is possible to apply also metal pipes, also wooden bars will perfectly cope with task. Preparations can make frame part of plastic. The roof of verandah can be made in the form of the arch, and it is possible to supply it with one slope, the tilt angle at the same time has to be equal about 30 °. Just the arched roof perfectly will be suitable for designs of the oversized sizes, flexible sheets of material will allow to create such form. It is possible to fix sheets to framework elements, using screws and washers. As the main requirement it is possible to allocate equipment of each washer with rubber gasket. And here the openings intended for screws have to be more dimensions of the screw on 2 mm. This need is caused by ability of polycarbonate to extend under the influence of heat and to be narrowed when lowering temperature condition. Such fluctuations of the linear sizes are capable to weaken and shake fixture. If it is not going to operate verandah in winter time, then it is necessary to acquire sheets which thickness varies ranging from 8 up to 10 mm. And here for creation of more thorough design it is necessary to use sheets which thickness is ranging from 14 up to 16 mm. Applying as material to framework rolled iron, protect it from corrosion, having grounded, and after having painted surface. Cutting of sheets of polycarbonate has to be made by the electrofret saw, also the traditional or circular saw with small teeth will approach. Mounting sheets, it is necessary to provide thermal grooves which width has to be equal to 4 mm.

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