Verbeynik: landing and care for plant

Verbeynik: landing and care for plant

Long-term the plant Verbeynik is unpretentious to quality of the soil, the place of landing and leaving thanks to what it has received extraordinary popularity among flower growers. They can decorate rock arias and the Alpine hills, to create from it borders, to land in beds as the main ornament.

Verbeynik (lysimachia) – perennial grassy plant with brightly yellow compact buds from family of primroses. In biology more than 200 species of this flower – goldiloks, creeping, ciliate, ampelous, purple, ordinary, monetchaty are described, poecilophyllous and there are a lot of other grades. Only in China more than 70 Verbeynika types grow, there is it in South America and Northern, in the Caucasus, in East Asia and Europe.

Verbeynik's landing

The quality and structure of the soil for Verbeynik's landing, practically, do not matter. The main criterion to which it has to correspond – high humidity. Optimal variant – the site with the closest proleganiye of underground waters. Kistetsvetny, monetchaty and ordinary Verbeynik can grow in reservoir at all. Besides, the plant loves shadow and badly grows in clay.

The period of blossoming of Verbeynik begins in one and a half-two months after its disembarkation to the open ground. Rules of disembarkation:

  • holes on the site are preparing in advance: such size that the root system of saplings was placed in them without effort,
  • seedling is powdered with the earth, stamp it without efforts by palm, and then it is abundant water with warm water,
  • it is possible to plant Verbeynik's saplings in holes with "slush" from water and prime quality land.

The distance between bushes of plant has to be from 30 to 40 cm. Before disembarkation of long-term grades the experts recommend to introduce in soil on the site fertilizers on the basis of minerals and organic chemistry.

Care for plant Verbena

Care for Verbeynik includes installation of limiters around the site where it grows as ability to self-sowing at it very high. As protection it is possible to use slate or professional flooring, sheets of iron, plastic, having driven them on several centimeters in the earth. Besides, the plant needs to provide worthy watering, especially during the droughty periods and where underground waters lie far from the surface of the soil.

Fertilizing by factory fertilizers can be replaced with filling of structure of the soil with manure, but to do it it is necessary very carefully. It is desirable to consult before introduction of fertilizer to the expert in the field of biology or soil science.

During Verbeynik's blossoming it is necessary to monitor formation of "boxes" with seeds on places of buds. They need to be deleted in due time as Verbeynik's semyanka are easily carried by wind on the site and to get rid of wild young growth of plant then very difficult.

After Verbeynik has faded, it should be cut off, having left only the lower parts of stalks. Also the dried-up stalks, leaves are removed. Completely cut off bushes before wintering. It is not necessary to cover the site with Verbeynik, its roots easily transfer low temperatures.

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