Vertical beds - how to equip

Vertical beds - how to equip

Among gardeners of the whole world there was popular device of vertical beds and beds. On these beds it is possible to grow up vegetables, greens, to grow seedling, flowers. Advantage of vertical beds is first of all that they do not occupy the space to look after them it is not necessary to bend, and besides they have very original exterior. For production of vertical beds it is possible to use various devices.


1. Plastic bottles perfectly are suitable for production of vertical beds. For this purpose it is necessary to cut bottle in the idea of the boat, to arrange bottles horizontally and to suspend on ropes of different length. Tie with one bottle neck, and pass the second through bottle, in walls two holes are closer than punctures to bottom: one over another.

2. Beds from plastic bottles can be suspended on fence top from shady side. For this purpose at bottles it is necessary to cut off bottoms and just to beat to fence or to suspend on ropes. That ropes did not cut plasticity, do openings for ropes by the heated nail., and select ropes according to thickness and miss from through two openings made at distance not less than 2 cm.

3. For planting of seedling, greens and also the organizer with pockets perfectly will be suitable for unpretentious flowers. It can be sewed independently, and it is possible to get ready in shop. Waterproof fabric has to be the main condition of such organizer. Such organizer can be hung up on shed wall.

4. That the seasonal dacha did not seem boring, change it unusual bed which will become highlight of your site. This bed will perfectly look if you plant in it bush petunias. For production of bed you will need 2 big flowerpots. These pots have to be such size that one pot could enter freely another, and the big pot was twice higher smaller, piece of grid with large cells, black polyethylene, soil. The grid needs to be contracted in the form of cylinder that diameter corresponded to diameter of smaller pot. To fasten grid with wire. Establish in big pot smaller and, and around it place mesh column. Cover grid polyethylene, wrap edges outside. Fill up in column and around it soil. In polyethylene cut through openings and and plant petunias in cut from above.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team