Vybiram long-term flowers when landing at the dacha

Vybiram long-term flowers when landing at the dacha

Long-term flowers allow the seasonal dacha to be beautiful from the middle of April and till the snow. That all this time the garden was elegant, it is necessary to know how to pick up perennials and to plant them.

The beginning summer residents can not know that else before blooming of buds of narcissuses and tulips the site will be elegant, thanks to daisies, spring crocuses, primroses. These low plants therefore they are planted along paths, border with them beds.

Primroses are succeeded: fragrant hyacinths, narcissuses, reservoir, tulips, irises.

The country territory will be in bloom all the time if to plant peonies, lilies, roses. This group of ornamental plants succeeds spring, decorating garden at the beginning of summer. Roses periodically show the beauty since June to frosts. Having had a rest several days, blossom again.

Irises, daylilies please summer residents during this time period too. Put lilac iris, and the garden will be filled with honey aroma. The time of early summer has passed. At the end of June, fragrant phloxes, lacy inflorescences of white, blue, pink hydrangea blossom. These charming natural creations too dolgotsvetushchy. With them the garden will be elegant prior to the beginning of fall. In the second half of summer dahlias begin to be dismissed. There is a lot of species of this royal flower. Beginning from small pomponny, charming spherical to those grades which have tubular flowers, with a diameter up to 20 centimeters! At the end of summer the various species of chrysanthemums, autumn crocuses, long-term asters called in common people of "sentyabrinama" and "oktyabrinama" join decorative pestrotsvetyyu.

Saying about how to choose long-term flowers to plant them at the dacha, it is necessary to think over what conditions are on the site. If there is a lot of shadow, then it is necessary to put some plant species. In the open sun, others will grow, for example, primrose, daisy, rose better. The first two flowers are unpretentious. It is possible to grow up them houses seeds, and then they will breed. Water these undersized plants in the droughty summer. Without rykhleniye and fertilizing the primrose and daisy all the same will well blossom. Here roses need more attention. They need to be covered for the winter, to spray from wreckers, to cut in the fall and in the spring. The great value at selection of long-term colors for giving plays also structure of the soil. If it leaves much to be desired, then plant the same daisies, primrose, having added to them delphinium, reservoir, crocuses. If there is a wish to have more perennials at the dacha, then also the problem soil will approach. It is enough to bring when landing in hole the rerotting manure, it is a little sand, fertilizers. Then the blossoming garden will please looks from early spring to late fall.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team