Wall finishing panels under stone

Wall finishing panels under stone

The wall panels which are successfully used around the world surely hold already several years palm and in our market of finishing materials. Wall panels imitate various natural surfaces, for example stone, they are unpretentious and simple in use.

Wall finishing panels not only have attractive appearance, but also are eco-friendly and strong thanks to the fiber glass which is their part. Panels have good thermal stability and fire safety. And also they are much cheaper than natural building materials and do not cause difficulties in mounting.

Use of wall panels in finishing

The wall panel under stone is used to different types of facing. Most often they are used for interior finish of rooms and their elements, for example fireplaces. Panels under stone apply to dressing of balconies, loggias and also socles and facades. Panels have no big weight that allows to avoid additional foundation loads, they are resistant to natural influences. Besides, noise isolations and warmings of facades perform functions.

Senovy panels belong to material class of group of the sendvich-panel. They are easily mounted without additional fixture, and the provided lock clip reliably fixes them between itself.

The walls which are laid out by natural stone look very effectively. But this pleasure not cheap. The technologies applied in production of wall panels to stone have allowed to make such decor public. The good selection of the released panels gives the chance to pick up good options of finishing for various interiors.

Production of wall panels

Wall panels make on the basis of PVC, chipboard and fibreboard today. It is possible to reach similarity to stone flag not only due to drawing the drawing, but also thanks to texture of the panel. Panels perfectly imitate different types of expensive natural stones and also brickwork. Not seldom after completion of mounting it is difficult to distinguish panel facing from natural stone. Impression of integral uniform surface is made. Wall panels under stone release square and rectangular shape. With their help the owner of the dwelling can carry out the design ideas. Panels can be mounted end-to-end on the plane, creating uniform surface, and it is possible to experiment with seams, having, for example, "fir-tree". The property of plastic to bend allows to make out from it volume surfaces: grottoes, caves, rocks which will bring highlight in registration of the living room, hall, bathroom or kitchen.

Basis of the wall panels imitating masonry, most often PVC however for external works and facing of facades panels on the basis of thin metal are used.

Finishing wall panels under stone will give to the house beautiful and unique view.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team