Water supply of owner-occupied dwelling from well

Water supply of owner-occupied dwelling from well

Long ago there have passed those times when accommodation in owner-occupied dwelling has been accompanied by household inconveniences: the toilet located on the street, lack of water supply and oven heating. Modern technologies allow to carry out all communications, necessary for comfortable life, to owner-occupied dwelling. To provide water supply, there is enough also well dug near the house.

Autonomous water supply of owner-occupied dwelling

When connection to city networks of water supply is impossible, to owners of country owner-occupied dwellings to have to think of how to provide autonomous water supply. In this case there are three options – water intake from natural reservoirs, water supply from the well or from well.

In favor of well there are several serious arguments. To dig well will cost much cheaper, than to drill artesian well which depth is calculated by several dozen meters, and guarantees that the water-bearing stratum will be rather powerful is not present. Works on digging of well quite any person having the minimum set of skills can do. Correctly dug and built well will serve you long time, providing with necessary amount of water. You will use this water absolutely free of charge, except for expense for its giving to the house. Especially weighty argument in favor of well is also that you can dig it without everyones on that official permissions.

Where to dig out well

If on adjoining properties wells are dug already out, you can consult with neighbors about where water layers lie. There are also national methods of definition of the optimum place in which experts use metal framework, twigs in the form of bear spear and even grapevine. As a last resort, you can order geological research of the site and geologists, having drilled several wells, will define to you the location of water layer. The location of well will need to be coordinated with neighbors and with San epidemstantsiyey of your area.

Consider that on the existing Construction Norms and Regulations around well there has to be sanitary protection zone with a radius of 50 m in which there should not be cowsheds, hen houses, settlers, dumps, septic tanks and so forth.

How to dig out well

It is the best of all to carry out works on digging of well to the hottest season – from June to September when height of water in water-bearing stratum the lowest. It is possible to dig as manually, deleting the earth by means of tub, and mechanically. Set of tools which can be required depends on how water-bearing strata are deeply located.

For strengthening of walls of well use tree, brick and concrete rings. Concrete rings are the most convenient and popular - they prevent penetration into hole of water currents from surface and do not allow soil to collapse. Besides, for wells rings of large diameter are used that considerably simplifies subsequently service and cleaning and also installation of pumps.

Remember that works on digging of well need to be performed with observance of all requirements of safety measures and it is obligatory to use helmet.

The last concrete ring, and them can be 6 or 7, leans on waterproof layer, but it can and be buried to increase the volume of water which will gather on day of well. The number of water veins which will begin to come to surface has to be not less than three that they could provide good fullness. At the bottom of well it is necessary to make the gravel filter preventing zailennost and turbidity of water during the operation of the deep pump. That water in well remained clear, and the garbage did not get to it, surely make on it cover, besides, time in 2-3 years well will need to be cleaned. It will be quite good if you are able to transfer water to examination and to make sure that it is quite suitable for drink.

Water supply system from well

Basic elements of such system will be: the pump, conduit pipes, automatic devices regulating water supply and other auxiliary mechanisms and the equipment. For water supply it is possible to use the deep (submersible) or external pump. Its choice depends on that how far from residential building the well is located. If it is nearby, there is sense to install the external pump which costs cheaper and is quite capable will provide water supply at distance to 10 m. The pump fastens on metal or polyethylene pipe which keeps within the warmed trench to prevent freezing during the winter period. How you will organize water supply in the house, in many respects depends on needs of your family. When you carry out hot-water heating, it is reasonable to put big accumulative tank in the basement, to establish collector. In this case you will need to use also the water-pressure relay by means of which it will be possible to control level of underground water. When the family is small and in the house the hot-water heating is not used, the accumulative tank can not be required. In the simplest case in the house filters and the automatic system connecting the pump are installed and also internal distributing to water drawn-off points – sinks, bathtub, the washing machine and toilet bowl becomes.

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