Ways against slugs

Ways against slugs

Slugs not only harm many garden cultures - potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes and cucumbers, strawberry and peas - but also are carriers of fungal and viral diseases of plants. Long since gardeners and gardeners looked for ways of fight against slugs.

Drive on the site superficial tanks so that their edges were flush with the soil. In capacity pour fresh milk in the evening - sour does not attract slugs. As slugs get out of shelters after sunset, in the morning you will find these Gastropoda of mollusks in trap. Even more effective bait for slugs - beer. Especially there are a lot of slugs and snails are chosen during wet weather therefore it is better to drive traps after rain. It is possible to entice slugs from the shelter, having scattered on paths between beds oatmeal, however be ready to collect in this case mollusks manually.

It is possible not only to trap slugs, but also to destroy. Rather effective way of disposal of these wreckers is lime. Since morning strew the earth on the site with lime twice, at an interval of 10-15 minutes. The slugs and snails crawling on the soil processed thus blacken and perish. If to strew the site with lime 2 days in a row, it is possible completely or almost completely to get rid of these wreckers.

To protect plants from snails and slugs, it is possible to fill up row-spacings with the crushed shells and egg shell - their splinters will painfully wound gentle fabrics of mollusks. Natural enemies of slugs are frogs, toads and snakes therefore try to part on the site of ears and amphibians which will help you to cope with wreckers. Also daws, starlings and rooks eat slugs, however at the same time they will eat also harvest from fruit trees. Thus, toads, frogs and already will become your reliable allies.

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