Ways of fight against medvedka

Ways of fight against medvedka

Medvedka brings many troubles to gardeners, damaging roots and fruits of vegetables. As a rule, it is active on kitchen gardens which are in close proximity to reservoirs. As well as with any evil, it is necessary to fight against medvedka. Some fill in in found minks gasoline, someone inserts into the soil of branch of alder. Is a little really effective ways of fight against medvedka.


1. One of such methods - the device of traps on kitchen garden. For this purpose it is necessary to dig out on the site several poles of 30-40 centimeters in depth and approximately the same diameter in the fall. In these poles put manure. Medvedki will creep surely there to winter there. They just adore similar places. When there comes cold weather, contents of poles need to be scattered on kitchen garden, medvedka and their larvae will die on cold, and the kitchen garden will receive additional portion of fertilizers.

2. Medvedok it is possible to frighten off infusion of onions peel. It is very easy to prepare it: one bucket of peel and three buckets of water place in the capacity which is previously prepared for this purpose. All this has to infuse day. After the next watering of plants water them also infusion of onions peel at the roots. You carry out this procedure two times a week.

3. For fight against medvedka in specialized shops special medicine is sold. It too very effective remedy. From such medicines differs in special efficiency ""Medvedoks"". On kitchen garden do small grooves (3-4 centimeters in depth) in which this means is filled up. There will be quite enough four-five grooves to forget about medvedka for some time.

4. It is possible to collect egg shell in the winter that in the summer to apply it as means from medvedka. Shell it is necessary natoloch as it is possible more small, and when planting plants to fill up on tablespoon in each landing hole.

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