Ways of reproduction of strawberry

Ways of reproduction of strawberry

Strawberry – berry culture which well transfers climate changes of temperature. She easily breeds and demands small expenses for leaving. Thanks to the small size it is convenient to store her.

August – time when it is necessary to think of change of strawberry or updating of the beds. Strawberry breeds by division method, vegetativno or seedling.

Ways of reproduction of strawberry:

  • Reproduction of strawberry short moustaches in pots.

During fructification note the most fruitful and more developed bushes. The berry bush has to be with well developed core. To have rather big deciduous plumage and good root system. Pay attention to berries, they have to be everything almost identical size.

The coeval's bushes will be suitable for reproduction better. Choose the suitable child, the others should be removed as excess seedling will take away nutritious properties from maternal bush. At emergence of excess mustache of the second and third discharge, they should be removed too. It is necessary to implant the child in small pot with the similar soil.

It is possible to land from pots when more than 5 leaves appear. During this period the root system was well created and the young bush with ease will transfer stressful situation of change.

     2. Reproduction by short moustaches on bed.

We follow the same principle. We choose more okreply bushes as age up to 2 years. Define the very first appeared mustache, the others should be removed.

You should not separate the socket from maternal bush. Just powder not with big layer of the chernozem and water until the end of August, periodically loosening the earth that will allow to arrive quicker to oxygen and your socket will quicker get stronger.

In 7 days prior to change separate the child from maternal bush. Replace to the desirable place. The young bush can begin to wither, then it is necessary to pritemnit the place and is abundant to water. Over time the young socket will have and will recover.

     3. Division of bushes.

This method is urgent. Apply in connection with fast need of change of the place of strawberry. Also use for reproduction of remontant look, in communication by the small number of mustache.

Bushes should be taken two-year-old or four-year-old. They have more created root system. At such bushes of 40-50 small escapes. It has stalk, kidneys and additional roots.

Replace such strawberry in the fall or in the early spring. The bush is divided so that in everyone new there was the socket with foliage and good root system.

It is necessary to apply mix of kornevin and humate to stimulation of root system. The young plant is replaced together with the fertilized soil approximately in 14 days.

Further leaving consists only in watering, loosening and timely prevention from wreckers.

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