We build fences and protections

We build fences and protections

The person who has become the owner of the parcel should take care of protection it from foreign views and uninvited guests. The wide range of modern protective designs allows to choose esthetically attractive and reliable fence for every taste.

Wooden fence

The traditional option of protection – wooden fence – differs in simplicity of installation and structural strength. Its main minus is the fragility (7-10 years). For production of similar constructions use, as a rule, coniferous breeds – cedar, larch, pine. It is necessary to give preference to seasoned wood.

Wooden fence fix on columns or support, towering above the ground on 50-60 cm and made of metal, concrete, brick. As parent material for protection use wide bar, boards or logs. Components adjust to each other closely and cover with three layers of waterproof paint. Use in design of brick or metal elements will help to prolong life cycle of wooden fence.

Metal fence

Metal fencings well are suitable for protection of the country site. They do not demand regular leaving and remain at the same time durable and functional. Protections from metal subdivide into panel, shod, welded and fencings from professional flooring. The wrought-iron fence is reliable and at the same time esthetically attractive. It, as a rule, is made manually and, thanks to effective metal patterns, always remains unique and unique. The high price of shod protections is caused by their exclusivity.

For protection of open gardens it is better to use transparent designs, for example shod openwork grids with the drawing included in the general stylistics of benches, bridges, lamps.

Welded designs are also resistant to mechanical damages thanks to what they are durable. However, in comparison with shod, they are more available because of production process automation. One more option - panel fence, strong and easy. It is delivered in the form of set of columns, panels and fixture. Installation of such protection is possible without construction of the base and can be carried out on soil of any type. Mounting of protection is made without use of welding equipment and special purpose tools. The steady mechanical strength of fence from professional flooring is explained by use at production of special technology – hot zinc coating of holodnokatny steel. To protect the pro-thinned-out sheets from the UV-radiation and corrosion and also to give them effective exterior, they are covered with polymeric layer. All metal fences mount on brick or metal columns directly on the site.

Stone and brick fences

Life cycle of brick fence and stone is not less than 50 years. At their construction use facing or standard red brick.

For giving to stone protections of grace, they are made out shod grids.

For stone construction take shell rock, cobble-stone, sandstone or limestone. Additional durability to brickwork is given by columns which deepen to the earth to freezing level.

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