We build the log house: when also with what it is necessary to impregnate walls

We build the log house: when also with what it is necessary to impregnate walls

Any wooden house at construction demands obligatory impregnation of walls. It protects design from rotting and burning and also prolongs the term of its service. Than and when it is necessary to impregnate walls of the log house?

Log stay two types at home: from bar and planed log. They significantly differ, and at their construction different technologies are used.

The house chopped of bar is built to the ready base at once, on that place where he will settle down. At the same time its construction is much easier, than construction of the house from round log. But the term of operation is much lower. It is connected with the fact that at production of bar the protective layer from tree is cut off and remains only one core. And it, as we know, spoils much quicker.

To prolong life to the log house of its wall it is necessary to impregnate with special materials.

As correctly it is necessary to impregnate walls of the log house from bar

For impregnation of walls of the house from bar use various antiseptics. They are different producers. But their assignment is identical. Antiseptics protects wood from rotting, various wreckers and burning. Therefore the bar before construction is processed from all directions such anti-septic tank, for example "by Senezh – OgneBio". It not only will protect wood from influence of mean insects, but also will reduce the level of its burning. Such anti-septic tank process bar several times (2-3 times).

This procedure can be carried out as by means of the sprayer, and manually with application of brush or broom. Only after full drying begin to build the log house of bar. In addition, the lower wreaths can be processed in addition solution of copper vitriol. It possesses the disinfecting action and will protect wood from emergence and development of fungus.

As it is correct to impregnate walls of the log house from log

And in this case everything occurs not in advance but only after full construction of felling. It is made separately on special site. If to observe all technologies, then the felling has to settle. At this time its wood gains dark color. That to correct it, apply various bleaches. After processing of log will become light again.

Then the felling is sorted and collected already on the new place on the ready base. Here is how time after its assembly is also processed by walls any anti-septic tank. Not less than two times with use of the sprayer do it. After full drying of solution the felling can be covered with special Aquatex soil for additional protection against rotting.

Several years later all these processings repeat. Especially it needs to be done on crude and damp soils where wood begin to decay quicker. Before any painting of wooden felling it is sprayed with various impregnations in several layers again.

Only full compliance with recommendations about protection of wood of the log house will allow to increase its term of operation by 1.5-2 times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team