We choose floor for kitchen: tile or laminate

We choose floor for kitchen: tile or laminate

Kitchen in the apartment or residential building - the place which is the center of gravity. Here the food is cooked, there is fridge and teapot, here in the mornings the family gathers for breakfast, and many kitchens also are combined with the living room or the dining room. Therefore the kitchen room bears not only functional loading, it also has to be beautiful and cozy. Modern construction materials allow to combine functionality, practicality and comfort in kitchen.

Features of interior of kitchen

Process of cooking includes several technology stages – it is necessary to wash up, clean, cut, to process products and tax. Therefore on kitchen surely there has to be sink, work table, plate. It is clear, that special attention should be paid to floors in kitchen, during cooking on them water, garbage, cleanings can get, to scatter fat from frying pan. Therefore, floor in kitchen has to be such that it easily and could be wiped or swept, and on it there would be no trace left and it was strong, was not afraid of chemical and mechanical damages and as long as possible kept the look.

If you have decided to lay ceramic tile or laminate in kitchen before making choice for any given, it is necessary to consider all pluses and minuses of each of these floor coverings.

The laminated plate

Laminate represents the fiber boards which are pasted over with the paper imitating exterior of various breeds of tree or stone, tile or carpet. These plates differ on wear resistance class, on the highest – the 33rd class – producers give lifetime warranty. The protective layer which covers good quality laminate contains corundum, malaminovy or acrylate pitch therefore this floor covering is resistant to various destroying influences, on it there is no spot left, and it does not burn out. In favor of laminate it is possible to refer its esthetic exterior, durability, simplicity of laying and rather low cost. Weak point of such covering are connection edges therefore in kitchen they need to be processed in addition moisture protective medicines.

If there is danger of periodic flooding of floors in kitchen, make choice for ceramic tile – even very quality laminate is deformed if several hours stand on its surface water.

Ceramic tile

Advantages of ceramic tile are well-known: it is durable, simple in leaving, reliably protects surface from any damages, is resistant to aggressive influences and temperature drops, is not afraid of moisture, not goryucha and is ecologically safe. By means of ceramic tile it is possible to realize any design decisions.

When choosing tile pay attention that it was not slippery and belonged to the class "floor", such tile has the big thickness and durability.

It is possible to refer to minuses of this covering complexity of laying, high cost and the fact that to the touch it is cold. However, the last shortcoming with success is solved use in kitchen of the "heat-insulated floor" system.

Tile or laminate

Knowing merits and demerits of each type of covering, make choice, proceeding from the financial opportunities and requirements. Optimal variant for kitchen will be combined when floor in lunch zone is covered with laminate, and in the worker the ceramic tile will be laid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team