We choose home mini-brewery

We choose home mini-brewery

Home brewery – the compact device allowing to make in house conditions the beer with the improved taste and quality. Many fans of frothy beverage rave dream to make the, original frothy beverage or grade of rare beer. The home brewery is excellent hobby for true judges of beer.

To buy everyone home brewery it is recommended to evaluate the forces and opportunities in advance. Even the mini-brewery takes in kitchen as much places, how many the food processor. In the course of preparation of drink the brewery will need to be kept at first in the warm place, and then – in the fridge. Not each hostess will agree to suffer it.

The brewery is not the coffee machine, preparation of one batch of beer takes about 1.5 weeks. Unexpectedly appeared suddenly friends can be treated with own beer not so often. At the beginning the taste of home-made beer will be average, and the cost of production high. Such efforts only the real fan of beer can do.

The home brewery can become excellent gift for the father, the husband or the young man. The man appreciating beer highly ochenit such gift and will remember it for many years.

Constructive distinctions

The simplest brewery represents the vacuum capacity in which beer ferments, keeping carbon dioxide. The ripened beer is stored in the fridge directly in keg that promotes improvement of taste and quality of drink.

The keg can be integral or folding. Folding models are equipped with the system of penoulavlivaniye and dumping of excessive pressure. Integral kegs are calculated on preparation of beer with normal atmospheric pressure. It is better to acquire in advance brought together brewery. Many producers offer models in the form of set of spare parts. The buyer should assemble the device independently. But without any skills the independent assembly will take a lot of time and will affect quality of work of brewery. It is recommended to choose from all models that are calculated on liquid mash. It is useful for organism and is better dissolved, without forming lumps. Be interested in that, to properly cook beer. There are models in which frothy beverage prepares and stored in the fridge directly in keg. They are more practical. And there are models only for preparation of beer. After that it has to spread in bottles and be stored in them. The choice between keg volume – 10 or 20 liters – entirely depends on personal addictions of everyone. Difference that the bigger volume of beer is longer fermented. the 10-liter minibrewery will prepare less, but is more often.

In the countries of USA and Western Europe the people preferring healthy lifestyle appreciate home-made beer as natural and eco-friendly product.

Exterior and accessories

Except the most various design, breweries can be completed with additional accessories and set for production of the first batch of beer. Many consider bottles, glasses, funnels, spoons for stirring "excess" objects which only do purchase more expensive. From useful accessories it is worth allocating the device for storage of the carbon dioxide which is emitted at fermentation. In storage time by means of this siphon it will be possible "to return" carbon dioxide back to beer, without allowing it to exhaust. Professionals at preparation of beer try to use the thermometer and the manometer. The book or DVD with set of recipes will be useful to beginners.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team