We choose interior of the children's room for two girls

We choose interior of the children's room for two girls

If in your family two girls grow up, and the apartment is not so big that to provide to each of them the personal space, then it is necessary to equip competently one room for two. At the same time the task becomes complicated, it is necessary to consider not only wishes of each child, but also its character.

Personal space

To make everything it is correct and beautiful, it is necessary to consider set of factors, for example, age, temperament, the interests and hobbies of children.

The nursery for two girls has to be spacious that children had opportunity to play on floor. At the same time, the huge area, rather competent distribution of light and space is absolutely optional.

For example, schoolgirls need the greatest possible quantity of shelves and bookcases. And children of younger age, on the contrary, need more free space for games. Such room has to combine at the same time sleeping, working and game character.

Design of the children's room for two girls

First of all, it is necessary to provide the maximum quantity of light since it has psychological impact on state and health of children. Therefore window registration in the nursery assumes the minimum quantity of fabrics, draperies. It is worth to remember also about freedom of movement. The room has to be rather spacious for two children. It is not less important to choose carefully furniture and its competent arrangement. In this case racks and bunk beds can render the invaluable help, and it is better to refuse bulky cabinets. The central part of the room should be released and made whenever possible more spacious as much as possible. Similar measures will help to avoid manifestations of aggression from children and will save children from feeling of depression, the close room filled furniture is associated at the child with cage.

Choice of color

The interior of neutral shades will be the best option. Too bright and sharp colors quickly tire and put sight. It is not desirable to choose bright pink, red, bright red, lime and orange colors. Various shades blue in combination with yellow will be great option. It is the best of all to pokleit walls wall-paper which if necessary is easy for replacing. And, it is desirable to choose them together with girls, the interior is created for them and has to consider their tastes. Wall-paper with the abstract prints which are not attracting to themselves attention will be the most optimal variant. Photowall-paper can become the interesting decision. Floor has to be laid by soft carpet on which will pleasantly play, read or just to lie. Moreover, it has to become the brightest and saturated accent in the room. Nursery furniture, intended for two babies, has to be light, neutral or pastel tones. First of all, it is necessary to organize berth. If desired, beds can be bunk. However similar furniture does not need to be bought for the room with low ceilings. If such bed to girls not to taste, it is necessary to think over places for placement of two beds so that they were not evident at the entrance to the nursery. In certain cases it is possible to use partition, but it should not be in all length of wall. The workplace surely has to be located at window. Most often it is equipped with numerous regiments. It is necessary to pay attention that children's furniture has to be reliably attached to the places.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team