We choose wall-paper for future kitchen

We choose wall-paper for future kitchen

The choice of wall-paper for the house or the apartment - very fascinating and interesting process. Many of us select wall-paper according to color and the drawing. However for selection of wall-paper for kitchen only of these criteria it is not enough. The durability and practicality, various chemicals resistance and pollution are also important for kitchen wall-paper.

Good option of wall-paper for kitchen — vinyl wall coverings. They are strong, moisture resistant, keep color long time, they can be washed, and some even with cleaning agents. In shops huge number of vinyl wall coverings is provided. The relief, imitating fabrics, relief plaster vinyl wall coverings perfectly is suitable for registration of kitchen and will hide small roughnesses on wall.

Vinyl wall coverings on basis from interlining perfectly will be suitable for beginners under repair. For sticker of this wall-paper glue needs to be applied only on wall that will reduce dirt at repair significantly, and will save amount of glue. This wall-paper is not deformed in the course of sticker, they can be rumpled then they are perfectly smoothed on wall. 

Flizelinovy wall-paper more expensive. Interlining is nonwoven fabric with polyester addition.

The top layer of silk-screen printing is made of silk thread. It is easy to wash silk-screen printing, it long does not fade and gives to walls more elegant look.

Cullets make from fiber glass. They very quickly are torn, are not erased and do not burn. By means of cullets it is possible to disguise cracks and to prevent emergence of new. Unlike normal vinyl wall coverings, cullets "breathe", thanks to good vapor impermeability under them is not got is flexible, they are hypoallergenic. Well transfer painting, it is possible to recolour cullets many times.

You should not glue paper wall covering in kitchen. They are very fragile, quickly burn out and absorb smells. For the same reasons you should not use wall-paper from natural materials.  It is easy to damage acrylic wall-paper when cleaning, and they will lose look.

When choosing color and the drawing for kitchen the same recommendations, as for selection of wall-paper in other parts of the apartment. Bright colors excite and irritate. Pastel tone calm and weaken. In light rooms it is better to use cool colors (blue, silvery, gray, pink) if light is not enough, it is better to use warm colors (orange, gold, peach, lime). For small rooms we use the small drawing, for big — large. The vertical strip — lifts ceiling, but visually narrows space, horizontal — expands walls, but reduces ceiling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team