We create ecologically safe children's room

We create ecologically safe children's room

To create ecologically safe children's room, it is not necessary to refuse bright colors at all. It is important to use quality materials!


1. The half-soft carpet which protects from blows and cold seems ideal, however in most cases it does not do for the nursery. Health of the child strongly depends on purity of indoor air. Many parents underestimate dangers which proceed from half of the children's room. Soft polymeric material contains softeners which within decades are emitted from material. Cozy carpets are exposed to dry-cleaner. The carpet from free wool is processed, as a rule, insecticide against moth. Experts advise to lay timber floors or massive parquet which are processed by wax for tree in the children's room. Floor from wood of pith tree is also suitable for the nursery. As for laminate, it depends on composition of material. Some materials process formaldehydes.

2. StenyObo from vinyl are not recommended for the children's room for various reasons. They often emit hazardous substances and ""seal"" wall in such a way that she does not breathe. As a result under wall-paper the mold which can not always be found is formed. Vinyl wall coverings breaks climate in the children's room. Wall-paper from nonwoven cloth breathes, but also emits hazardous substances. Paper wall covering in the children's room - the best choice. Ideally - it is better to refuse completely wall-paper and to paint walls with paint. Instead of normal dispersive paints use silicate, limy, or casein paints. They provide good climate in the children's room and do not emit toxic agents.

3. MebelTakzhe pay attention to furniture. For the children's room it is better to buy furniture from natural wood. Wood has to be processed by oil or wax. Coated or varnish the wooden furniture loses the ecological properties. At furniture from MDF there are formaldehydes which are contained in glue therefore it is recommended for the children's room. The mattress of children's bed ideally has to be from natural material, for example from latex. Such mattresses process natural means from dust pincers.

4. IgrushkiYadovityy substances can contain everywhere - in puzzles from soft polymer, in cubes from multi-colored plastic, in soft toys. Some of toys emit hazardous substances which do not possess smell at all. Of course, you should not refuse bright plastic toys which children very much love. Some producers offer toys from bio-plastic. They are completely deprived of hazardous substances and are made from renewable species of raw materials. But, in spite of the fact that some chemicals are deprived of smell, own nose - the good adviser. If wall-paper, carpet, furniture or toys allocate strong smell, with confidence it is possible to refuse them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team