We decorate giving with the hands

We decorate giving with the hands

Modern giving is not just kitchen garden to grow up fruit and vegetables, but also the vacation spot. Therefore many owners of seasonal dachas try to combine these two functions, decorating the territory with beautiful functional zones and flower beds.

Sooner or later owners of dachas think of how to decorate the site, to make it beautiful and comfortable. "Of course, for this purpose it is necessary to invite the expert", - someone from readers will tell. But, services of the professional, as a rule, cost expensive. And sometimes much happen it cannot do. However, it is possible to decorate the site and without special expenses: there would be desire. And in the course for this purpose it is possible to use the most plain materials: plywood scraps, wooden chocks, plastic bottles, old automobile tires. Add to them a little imagination, and your seasonal dacha will please you and your guests with original design. And reconstruction and decor can subject any part of the territory, having decorated it with beautiful figures and sculptures, original footpaths and borders and other unusual elements.

Decorative paths

Paths are on each site. And in many respects they give to the territory well-groomed look. It is possible to issue them in different ways. And to give, apparently, to the most ordinary footpaths trodden on the ground original form. What can be made with garden paths? There is a lot of options:

  • to tread,
  • to issue borders,
  • to fill in with concrete,
  • to asphalt,
  • to fill up with gravel,
  • to lay out tile, wild stone, brick and even tree.

If the master is all right with imagination, then the site very quickly to turn into masterpiece. On some ways of registration of paths to stop even is not necessary: all and is so extremely simple – has trodden where it is necessary, and go. But if such option is uninteresting, carry out audit on the site to understand what materials can be used for footpaths. Perhaps, necessary you have all near at hand, or something should be got in addition.

Before work mark the approximate place of paths on the site. They can be direct or twisting. In this case everything depends on planning of the territory and landings. After marking start registration of footpaths.

For example, the paths which are laid out by stone or beaten brick originally look. The technology of their laying is identical. Dig out on the place of future paths on all length superficial trench (depth of 20-30 cm). Fill up trench half with gravel or medium-sized crushed stone. Level pillow. Also put from above sand layer. Let's it a little time "mature". For this purpose it is possible to water sand from watering can. Then start laying of stone or brick. It is the best of all to spread them on cement slurry that the stone was better linked and did not take off. Some make easier: on sand fill cement layer, spread stone, and then spill water and allow to dry to the solution which has turned out under covering.

Also other option when paths strew with crushed stone is not less interesting, and from above put on it "strip" large flat stones or decorative paving slabs. If there is opportunity, try to make eco-friendly footpath, having laid out it tree. For this purpose saw several logs on thin disks and put them on path.

Small footpaths, for example, about entrance to the room (threshold), it is possible to decorate with bright decorative mosaic, having laid out picture or pattern on path. For this purpose the patience and several hundreds of color stoppers from plastic bottles is required.

There is still interesting way of registration of footpaths when on lawn (on grass) place big flat stones, pieces of tree or the tile made by the hands of concrete. Especially as it is simple to make such tile. It is necessary to prepare dense cement slurry and to impose on it any cliche, having given to future tile the form and relief. As cliche it is possible to use large leaves of trees or curves which are in advance made of plastic. To allow to dry. If desired the tile can be painted.

Bottles – in the course

Plastic bottles and other tanks are excellent material for creative work at the dacha. Make borders, figures for decoration of the territory of them, decorative beds.

Drive along paths identical bottles neck down – and at you the original border will turn out. Bottles it is possible to paint or use color. In this case everything depends on desire and the master's idea.   

It is possible to make set of decorative figures and sculptures which will become worthy decoration of any site of bottles. Especially as the variety of hand-made articles from bottles impresses. Fantastic heroes, animals, heroes of animated films, birds – it is simple to make all this of plastic container. Sometimes for creation of figure it is rather just correct to paint it. For example, without applying special efforts, bottles can be turned into penguin, bees, chickens and it is a lot of other interesting things.

If you have many dark and green bottles, "plant" palm trees on the site. Will be necessary for their production:

  • bottles of dark color,
  • bottles of green color,
  • pole, rod or thin shank.

Cut off bottom at dark bottles. Cut in zigzag fashion cut off edge. Bend corners, having made peculiar "prickles". Get the bottles processed thus on stake (shank, rod) neck down. At green bottles cut off bottom and cut bottle on wide strips which will play role of leaves. For one tree 2-3 green bottles there are enough. If you want to make to palm tree krone more magnificent, add couple more of bottles. Get them on rod and fix from above. Put on the last bottle neck up and twirl cover. So your design will not be scattered. Now it will be necessary only to establish palm trees in the desirable place. For example, about hammock or decorative pond.

Decorative pond

If desired on the site it is possible to make small reservoir near which swans, frogs and other inhabitants "will lodge". For its production dig out not strongly deep hole of any form. Concrete it or lay out bottom oilcloth. Fill in with water. For decorative pond it is not necessary to do deep hole. In this case only imitation of reservoir is important.

If you want to use reservoir as capacity, do it deeper or use for its production barrel or tire from the machine or the tractor.

Unusual beds

Originally on the site various beds look. Often for their registration use waste materials by means of which it is possible to create bed of unusual form and design. For these purposes often use:

  • empty plastic bottles,
  • old automobile tires,
  • Tazy,
  • bathtubs,
  • barrels,
  • canisters,
  • old boots, etc.

For example, draw contours of crocodile on the earth. It will be your future bed. Drive on bottle contours. Fill up the soil in bed and plant the favourite flowers.

Big the bottle (capacity of 5 and more liters) can be turned into pink pigs, prickly hedgehogs who will perform functions of decor of the site and directly bed. For this purpose paint bottle. Issue muzzle of animal, make tail. Then cut piece of bottle in "back". Fill stones for drainage, sand and the earth. Plant flowers and establish beds on the site.

In the same way of bottles and other plastic container (canisters, bottles) it is possible to make decorative cachepots including suspended. In such pots begonia, petunias, the geranium and many other flowers originally look.   

For production of beds old automobile tires and wheels of which it is possible to make even "vases" on support are also widely used. But process of creation of such bed labor-consuming, here the most important difficulty – to turn out tire so that the rim has appeared as support. The easiest way to turn tire into bed – to put it in the right place and to fill up in it the earth for planting of flowers. It is also possible to cut off side part of tire, having cut out from it similarity of lobes. Upon termination of work paint bed with acrylic paint.

You should not throw out also the old, served the term Tazy and even boots. They can be turned into original beds or pots too. Even the beginning designer can cope with their transformation.

Tanks for watering – scope for creativity

If desired even ordinary barrels for water can be turned into interesting picture or figure. It is enough to paint of it as appropriate, and you on the site will have amusing faces, patterns, flowers. In this case everything depends on idea and talent of the artist.

The main thing - idea

If the master has "gold" hands and rich imagination, he will even be able to turn stuff into the real masterpiece. For example, it is possible to make cool lodge for children of plastic bottles, furniture for garden. Also on the seasonal dacha it is possible to establish sandboxes, to define zone for childish sports and for rest. Gazebos, beds, tanks for water, fence, paths - all this it is possible to use skillfully for original registration of the seasonal dacha. And the most important – without special material inputs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team