We do humidifier

We do humidifier

Often in rooms especially during the winter period there is extremely dry air. The abundance of heating devices which increase temperature, but together with it is the reason for that and evaporate reviver. Of course, it is possible to go to shop and to get there humidifier, and it is possible to make it independently.

Primitive humidifier

As primitive humidifier air the small drinking bowl filled with water can serve. Put it on windowsill and do not forget to add water in process of drying. Certainly, such humidifier will be effective, however its esthetic qualities leave much to be desired. Try to make humidifier not only functional, but also very original subject of interior.

Beautiful humidifier the hands

For creation of unusual humidifier it is not obligatory for you to be Jack of all trades and to have experience on creation hend-meyd products. It is enough to take small basket with low sides or wattled vase, capacity for water (it is possible to use plastic container or unnecessary bowl which diameter is less, than diameter of basket), stones, shells and sand and also to stock up with couple of hours of free time.

From bottom of basket remove the sticking-out twigs so that it was inside possible to put bowl with water, and it did not tilt and did not overturn. Place drinking bowl in basket – it is possible to make it both on the center, and with one side. Fill the remained space between sides of basket and ware with pebbles and fill up with sand so that between stones there were no gaps, all contents densely adjoined to each other and did not move.

If rods of basket adjoin not densely to each other, place piece of polyethylene that sand did not pour out on bottom.

Now you should execute the most difficult part of work – to lay out stones bottom of the lake created by you. Carefully select the sizes of stones, you watch that they as it is possible more densely adjoined to each other. After you have closed all capacity and have made sure that parts are ideal, lift each pebble in turn, grease it with waterproof superglue and put on the former place. Step by step paste all stones to bowl.

The remaining intervals can be closed shells or sand. The main thing is to watch that during process of change of water in freshener the loose parts have not disappeared.

Let's your decorative freshener dry up. At this time it is better not to move it that yet not pasted stones have not moved a little. After glue has stiffened, pour water in bowl and put on the shelf, table or windowsill, near houseplants. Do not forget to add periodically water that the improvised reservoir has not dried up. And if you add to it also air will not only refresh several drops of favourite essential oil, then your creation, but also will force to zablagoukhat all apartment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team