We grow up cranberry in garden

We grow up cranberry in garden

All know about advantage of berries of cranberry, but nobody hurries to grow up it in the gardens, and many also do not suspect that it well grows in many regions of Russia. There are grades removed especially for these conditions. Berries of garden cranberry are larger than wild, have various coloring and form (from roundish to pear-shaped.


1. Try to grow up cranberry at yourself in garden. For this purpose on the open solar place dig out trench 1 m wide and 0.25-0.3 m in depth. Length its any, but no more than 2.5-3 m are normal. Walls strengthen boards. On bottom fill coarse clean bank sand layer in 5-6 cm. Then fill with earth mix with peat (1:1). On the condensed surface also fill clean drift bank sand layer in 3-5 cm.

2. Landing of cranberry is carried out in May. As planting stock take lashes which reach the considerable sizes. They are cut on pieces on 10 cm and put in clear cold water for 2 - 3 hours. It is convenient to carry out landing of shanks (pieces) by means of flat fork with two horns which is done of wooden chip.

3. At first mark rows with distances in 20-25 cm one from another. Then across row put shank. The fork is put on the middle of shank and press it into sand. On surface there have to be two of its ends on 2 cm everyone. The following shank put at distance 15 cm from the first, etc.

4. The first two weeks water landing 2-3 times a week. Then waterings reduce to once. Over bed pull film. As soon as shanks take root and will flush, remove film. When escapes reach 20 cm, stack them on available seats and pin to the earth hooks. The cranberry will expand soon and forms continuous carpet, but it will begin to fructify not earlier, than in 2-3 years.

5. If escapes in the first year after landing badly grow, cranberry it is necessary to feed up very weak solution of mullein (1 glass of infusion to dilute 10 l of water).

6. In the first winter after landing the bed should be covered well. Stack small fir twigs of fir-tree, then dry leaves (20 cm) on plants. Over the shelter pull film on arches that on bed moisture from rains and snow did not get. The adult well developed plants yield abundant harvest. In good conditions it is possible to collect from one square meter to 3 kg of berries.

7. The cranberry can be multiplied also seeds. For this purpose berries keep in the fridge until the end of February. Then allocate from them seeds and sow in small ware in mix of peat and bank sand. Shoots dive with distances in 4-5 cm and grow up in the conditions of the closed soil or in apartments. When seedling gets stronger (in May), it is planted on the bed prepared in the open ground.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team