We grow up lord strawberry on the site

We grow up lord strawberry on the site

Beds with grade strawberry "Lord" - the true pride of the summer resident, one bush is capable to give out to three dozen peduncles and to strike with abundant fructification. At the same time berries grow large, dense, sweet. But it is possible only at the correct care for plants, otherwise fruits will be small and sourish, and powerful bushes will quickly expand on the site.

Lord strawberry: features of grade

  • High-quality Lord strawberry is bushes up to 60 cm high and tupokonichesky bright red fruits. Some of berries can weigh 100 g! At due leaving and good weather annually on one plant twice more peduncles appear.
  • Abundant harvests therefore the garter of bushes is necessary – differently they will break under weight of berries.
  • The grade differs in high quality of fruits – they can be transported even on long distance because of high density.
  • Lord strawberry is ill a little, seldom rots on bed that is its important advantage.
  • It is important to consider that grade of srednepozdniya. Strawberry long enough ripens, at the same time every new season these terms stretch.
  • After six-seven years of cultivation of fruits on bush becomes less. It is necessary to change soil, to replace plants.
  • Among shortcomings of grade there is strong growth of bushes why for berries it is necessary to allocate the considerable area.
  • The grade demands regular fertilizing, without it strawberry turns out medium-sized.

We plant Lord strawberry

The southwest of the site will become the optimum place for beds of Lord strawberry. Prime quality land - guarantee of abundance of future harvest as berries very much love humus. Ridges have to be in the open solar place, even the sliding tree shadow is excluded. 

If earlier on the chosen site the garden wild strawberry grew, it is required to wait at least 4 years before cultivating Lord strawberry on this place. After nightshade family – to wait few years.

Seedling of Lord strawberry - sockets from maternal bushes - put in the early spring to slightly wetted soil. Previously to purify soil for landing from weeds, to loosen and water with ammonia hydrate solution (tablespoon in 10 l of water) for disinfecting.

Plants need to be seated in chessboard order. This small secret provides good ventilation of bushes, access of the sun and simplicity of care for plant. Bushes of Lord strawberry powerfully expand therefore the space has to be enough for them. It is desirable to leave 50 cm between seedling.

When landing it is necessary to establish root neck at ground level. In advance to prepare slingshots, stakes for installation of peduncles over bush that they did not appear in shadow. Right after landing of strawberry it is recommended to mulch the earth pine needles.

Other option of landing – under film or roofing material. All prepared site is dimmed by cover material, on the place of landing of plant the opening is left. Roots remain under film.

Care for strawberry

It is necessary to look after strawberry carefully! First of all, the plant needs regular watering, it is the best of all – drop root. The soil on which high-quality strawberry grows has to be always friable and damp. It is necessary to delete in due time weeds and to cut off short moustaches. 

Soil needs to be fertilized constantly. The following scheme of fertilizing of Lord strawberry has well proved.

  • Week later after planting of seedling to bring 20 g of ashes on bush, to water beds and slightly later to prorykhlit.
  • In 4-5 days after jumping of strawberry on bed to prepare complex fertilizer with phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium (1:1:1). To do fertilizing of calculation 4 g on bush.
  • 4-5 more days later plant it is possible to feed up chicken dung, having diluted with water 1:20.
  • In the next season the fertilizing of Lord strawberry is carried out in the early spring, after cutting of old leaves. Again fertilizer is introduced during blossoming, for the third time – after harvesting and removal of old foliage.

"Lord" - quite winter-hardy grade, but in places with severe frosts is recommended to cover beds with mulch and to leave natural snow cover. At due leaving the plant can please decade the summer resident with sweet, fragrant fruits, and then replacement of the soil surely will be required. Strawberry perfectly will be suitable for jam, pies, stuffings for pies, preparation of fruit drinks and compotes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team