We grow up meadow flowers

We grow up meadow flowers

The real meadow can be grown up most. For this purpose it is required time and forces it is not less, than for cultivation of garden plants. But as it is pleasant to see unique paints of the wild nature. Besides, by means of such decision it is possible to give worthy exterior badly cultivated and for some reason there are a lot of years to the started site.

Now it is very popular to grow up on homestead lawns of camomile, poppies, cornflowers, hand bells and other meadow flowers. Their types huge number. They very well take root on big beds. The scope and is a lot of light - here one of the main conditions for their successful growth. Having correctly picked up structure of future house meadow, it is possible to please itself with abundance of paints and smells continuously.

Spring - time of blossoming of bulbous plants: crocuses, wild narcissuses. From grassy - forget-me-not, daisy. There will ascend the buttercup and flax in the summer. And in the fall autumn and crocuses and also agastakha and katanakha will sprout autumn crocus.

Where and as meadow plants will best of all take root on the site

Flowers of meadows and steppes differ in atypical color of leaves for klumbovy grades. For the purpose of protection against excessive influence of sunshine they have silvery light green shade. That wild flowers took root better, room of their artificial landing needs to be made carefully from weeds. It is necessary to define at once type of the soil to which meadow flowers will land. If it damp, then it is more appropriate to land adonis cuckoo, meadowsweet here. Simpler option is purchase of sets of seeds. Usually for creation of lawn use seeds of polevitsa, wheat grass, kostrets bezosty, foxtail, etc. Considerably the clover with its unique smell will recover picture. Wild plants will grow in artificial environment is very abundant. Therefore their growth should be limited. Today gardeners have wide experience on cultivation of wild meadow flowers on specially allotted sites. Possibly, it is influenced by the fact that in care for them there is no special complexity.

Meadow geranium

Its large inflorescences have the umbrella form. Lobes of lilac-blue color are rounded off at the edges. The geranium from the middle of June to the middle of July blossoms. After that up to August seeds ripen. If to seed them late in the fall, then in the new spring this wonderful flower will be pleasing to the eye again. Within May it is necessary to weed honestly the earth around. Superficial scarification will be useful. Of course, even meadow plant it is necessary to feed up mineral fertilizers. They are scattered on the earth near bush. Old escapes need to be deleted. Especially it concerns winter-hardy grades of geranium. Cutting off regularly bushes in the summer, it is possible to receive the fine blossoming bush in the fall. The plant most of all is suitable for group landings and is successfully used by many experienced gardeners and landscape designers.

Meadowsweet or meadowsweet

This plant, popular with gardeners, with plumose, small flowers in panicled inflorescences on the ends of stalks. They will look very beautifully in the dried look. For example, for winter bouquet, as reminders on summer. Inflorescences use for winter bouquets. Sites with the damp trained soil in the shaded place are suitable for it more. If in garden there is pond, this plant will feel near it very comfortably. Often the meadowsweet is planted in borders. Then organic fertilizer is added to them. In hot day it is impossible to be sorry for water meadowsweet.


This plant with semi-terry or terry spherical flowers is so unpretentious that can grow absolutely in any place of the site. Blossoms it is abundant in the summer. For this purpose it is necessary to land root cones in well trained soil in the early spring. Disembarkation is made on depth of 2.5 m by the sharp end down. For winter of cone it is necessary to remove in dry peat. There are dwarfish and tall grades. The first prefer the damp soil. The second like the solar place or half-shade and the damp soil more. Flowers very well expand. That they have not captivated all site, their constant weeding is necessary. Practical any flower of meadows and fields can be grown up on the site. For this purpose it is necessary to choose correctly type of the soil and degree of illumination of the place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team