We make the calendar of care for lawn: hairstyle, watering, fertilizer

We make the calendar of care for lawn: hairstyle, watering, fertilizer

To consider that the lawn will save you from efforts on care for garden or the house adjoining territory, unreasonably. The lawn grass demands care not less, than flower bed. Experienced gardeners quite often make calendars of the works which are carried out with lawn.

Any lawn requires comprehensive care in which there are three components: hairstyle, watering and fertilizer.


It is necessary to spill the young or updated lawn the first time in April-May (depending on climate in the region) when night time temperature steadily begins to exceed 10 degrees. The lawn is more senior than 3 years it is necessary to spill earlier when temperature exceeds 5-7 degrees.

The second watering is carried out in week and further regularly one time in week up to establishment of summer heat. It is very convenient to use automatic systems of watering with meteosensors and timers of time. The same systems will allow to fertilize the soil evenly.

Try to arrange watering so that the lawn after it could "have a rest". For example, weekday when all leave on affairs, and on the watered grass can be successful nobody will go.

Experts recommend to water lawn in the late afternoon, after sunset or, on the contrary, in the morning. If to water in the afternoon, in the sun all water will not be absorbed, and will evaporate. At the same time the earth has to be moistened at least on 5 cm in depth. It is necessary to water time in three-four days for sandy soils, times in nine days in the summer – for clay.


One of the main components of growth of good lawn is its timely fertilizer. Experiencing set of external influences, the lawn just needs fertilizing, especially in the first year after crops. At this time it is required to bring phosphorus and nitrogen (bring in the soil one day before landing of grass, in week after the first shoots and in 1.5 months from the date of landing). If you want it to be frost-resistant, it is necessary to introduce such fertilizers as potassium and nitrogen, 2 times a year: during forming of stalk (May) and before the first frosts. Complex fertilizers are necessary after hairstyle, also organic fertilizers are also appropriate.


One of main rules of hairstyle is regularity. For the first bevelling the dry weather is necessary, the grass has to reach three times bigger height, than the lawn, that is 12-13 cm in height is necessary. For a start it is necessary to mow only 1 cm, gradually reducing lawn height till required.

It is important to consider the direction of hairstyle, every mowing changing it, and under no circumstances not to mow wet lawn.

However it not everything that it is necessary to know about care for lawn. One more problem are weeds. How to remove them? The hardly removed weeds should be pulled out or cut knife, it is desirable at the end of April, then they will not appear any more. One more way is processing by solution of raundap herbicide, but it is necessary to watch that solution has not got on lawn grass, and only on weed. And if to follow all these rules, then the lawn will be such what has to be qualitative, well-groomed lawn.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team