We select cultivator model

We select cultivator model

The cultivator allows to dig up and loosen the earth and also to remove weeds in few hours. Purchase of this small farm vehicle will significantly facilitate work on personal plot.

Cultivator performance

Performance - the main characteristic according to which select cultivator. It shows what number of the land the cultivator in unit of time can cultivate. Performance depends on working width which is provided by operating parts of the device and engine capacity.

Performance of cultivator is chosen, proceeding from the site size. The site up to 40 hundred parts in size small, from 50 to 100 hundred parts - average consider, more than 100 - big. Cultivators also divide on: extralight - power are up to 1.5 hp easy - 2.5-4.5 hp, averages - 4-6 hp and heavy - over 6 hp.

Only heavy and average cultivators which will be capable to process the big area into acceptable time limit will be suitable for average and big sites. But often for big sites in addition buy also extralight cultivator which quickly helps to cope with weeds in the specific place.

There are amateur, semi-professional and professional cultivators, for normal works on average personal plot it is the best of all to choose semi-professional model.

If the site small, choose average or easy cultivator, and the site is less, rather choice is made in favor of easy or extralight model. Separately It should be noted motley sites - so call sites up to 30 hundred parts in size with set of various beds, beds, the planted trees. For such sites the extralight cultivator as it is the most convenient to them to make large amount of various works is always chosen.

Additional parameters

Important characteristic of cultivator is the power consumption. The good cultivator has to be economic, only this way you will be able to pay back as a result its acquisition. When choosing model of cultivator you have to consider landscape of your site. If the site equal, then it is possible to choose cultivator which works at inclination in 15-20 degrees if the site has considerable inclination, only the device working at any tilt angles will approach. It is desirable to choose cultivator with backing, to work at it much more conveniently. Models with several transfers are also good, opportunity to replace speed during operating time allows to cultivate the land better. Cultivator - the injury-causing device therefore choose model with the system of emergency stop. It is better if such device is built in directly in control knobs, in this case will be to remove enough from them hands, and the engine will immediately be killed.

The cultivator can be equipped in addition with various equipment which considerably will expand its functions.

There are cultivators with the internal combustion engine - motor-cultivators and electrocultivators. The first are more powerful, but it is more difficult to serve them, electrocultivators demand availability of current network and have often small power.

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