We select curtains for kitchen

We select curtains for kitchen

Curtains – important part of interior. They emphasize the general style of the room, do it cozier and comfortable. The choice of curtains for kitchen has the specific subtleties and important points.

Main criteria for selection of kitchen curtains

Kitchen curtains should not be heavy and bulky. Usually they are sewed from light natural materials (cotton, linen, silk, jute) with small addition of synthetic fibers. Cloth length - to windowsill or is a little lower.

It is important that fabric was easily erased and collected on itself minimum of pollution. Special impregnations which push away dust are for this purpose used and protect curtains from ignition.

Visually ruches will help to increase window height. Too wide window can be narrowed visually, having hung up curtains within window frame, and narrow to make wider, having removed curtains for side borders of frame.

Popular models of curtains for kitchen

The most traditional and popular design of kitchen curtains when on each side windows hang curtains, and top is decorated with lambrequin. In this case optimum to use fabrics partners. For example, to combine two types of fabric similar on coloring, but differing in texture.

Short options of curtains are suitable for kitchen more, they are much more practical and allow to use all space of windowsill.

The Roman curtains are the cloth closing all area of window with lambrequin or without it. The form to them is given by special rails, and fabric gathers in folds, thanks to quite simple mechanism. For such curtain it is better to pick up fabric with the bright large drawing. Rolled curtains are very similar to Roman, their difference that fabric is reeled up on special shaft, it is enough to pull for chain. Such models usually fix not on frame, and on window opening. Blinds are great option for small kitchen or design in style hi-tech. There are original color multiimpressive blinds. Tulle blinds will be suitable for the room in classic style. Models from bamboo will be suitable for kitchen in popular Japanese style.

Very effective option of decor of window in small kitchen — photo blinds. It is possible to apply any image necessary to you to lamels.

The kitchen in rural style will be added by curtains from light linen fabric in the large flower drawing with beautiful finishing by tape or tapes. But you remember that too large drawing of curtains in small kitchen will draw excessive attention to itself, and the small drawing is inappropriate if furniture or walls are already decorated with small patterns. Curtains for kitchen can be sewed to order or to buy ready set, everything depends on the window sizes. For the dark room it is better to get curtains from transparent fabric (tulle, organza), and for light – from more dense.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team