Weevil on strawberry: how to fight

Weevil on strawberry: how to fight

Weevils like to regale on fresh leaves and fruits of berries. As a result the plant weakens, gives less berries, and further can die. They work great mischief in the spring when on bushes buds are formed. The main thing to do not pass this time and to take measures for extermination of insects.

The following preventive measures help with fight against weevil:

Spraying by insecticidal medicines

It is possible to process strawberry bushes such medicines as ""Kemifos"", Fufanon, ""Carbophos"". They can be found in garden shop. Means are safe for the bush, but at the same time effectively struggle with harmful insect, are eco-friendly, do not collect on bush and in the earth. Processing needs to be carried out twice. Last time no later than five days since the beginning of blossoming of strawberry. Spray plants better in the morning in dry windless weather.

It is also possible to apply Inta-vir (1 tablet on 10 l of water). Crush tablet directly in package, fill in bucket and well stir. For spraying take spray.

National methods

  • Well solution of 200 g of soap or dry mustard which dissolve in 10 l of water and spray on plants frightens off weevils. For the second time it is necessary to process strawberry bushes in 10-12 days.
  • Fill 1/3 buckets with onions peel and leaves of celandine, fill in with boiled water. When infusion cools down, filter it and spray berry bushes. You carry out the first processing at the first blossoming, then in 2 weeks spray strawberry once again. 
  • Small cut 150 g of garlic, fill in 10 l of water and let's infuse 2 days. Such infusion it is possible to process strawberry every evening. 
  • 300-400 g of dry flowers of tansy or 1 kg of fresh plant fill in 5 l of water and let's infuse 2 days. Further boil infusion of 30 minutes and add 5 more l of cold water. Before processing add 50 g of laundry soap.
  • Make bitter siliculose pepper tincture (on 10 l of water take 1 kg of fresh pepper). Infuse solution 2 days, then boil 10 minutes and insist 1 more day.

Agrotechnical ways

  • Grow up strawberry grades with the short period of blossoming.
  • Remove the berries and leaves damaged by harmful bug.
  • Still it is possible to plant onions or garlic around strawberry: 1 bulb or 4 sprouts of garlic on 4 bushes. It is important to cut off arrows for strengthening of smell which is very much not loved by bugs.
  • You carry out gathering of weevils from bushes, it is better to be engaged in it early in the morning. In the evening under each bush spread out paper or film, and since morning accurately shake plant. Then bring together wreckers, and burn paper.
  • At the end of summer, after harvesting dig over soil together with pine needles.
  • Cover strawberry beds with black film late fall, and in the spring, after week of heat, open. The main thing that temperature under film was not less than +40 S.S plants in week will occur nothing, and the weevil oklematsya hardly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team